Pink, a color that you often tend to avoid rather than go along with, it can actually be a very versatile shade that you can use in any room of your home. Yes, you hear us, any room, even the bathroom of balcony! Moreover, it’s that shade that brings modernity to a space and seems to blend in great with anything and any style. And we will show you how and also we will show you how pink can be used in any kind of room bringing a modern touch to it.

Living room

Let’s start with the dreamy living room and with the walls. Pink, in any soft or pastel shade, is great as a wall color. It’s calm and relaxing and nevertheless, very modern. So, paint one wall or the whole room in a soft or dusty pink shade and enjoy your Parisian chic, minimal, Scandinavian or shabby living room.

If you don’t want pink walls, why not try pink furniture? It’s easy to blend it in. Start with a reading corner with a pink armchair, a dining room with some pink chairs mixed with some neutral ones, pink paintings, a pink coffee table or just a lot of pink deco items added around a neutral room. Let’s continue with a gorgeous pink velvet sofa, or some pink velvet curtains or a cute cabinet added under the TV. There are so many great ideas of using pink in this room, so you better start getting creative!


From an all pink bedroom to pink sheets or furniture, pink is the ideal color for a modern bedroom. So, start with an all pink bedroom. We’re talking pink walls, pink sheets, pink framed pictures, all combined with white or grey and in subtle different shades of pink for a great contrast of the room.

Next, if you wish a minimal or Parisian chic bedroom, try pink sheets and grey walls, or a pink dressing or cabinet, or a nightstand and some pink pillows. Be creative and add this romantic and calm shade in this room that always needs to look relaxing.


Pink cabinets for a modern kitchen? Yes, please. This dreamy idea will make you want to cook more or even Instagram more you lovely kitchen. Combine it with white and grey and you will have the perfect chic mix. Pick it for any kind of kitchen and pair it with a beautiful pink fridge, everything will look gorgeous.

Moreover, mix pink plates with neutral ones or even add pink glasses in your pink cabinets and give everything a very stylish look.


Starting with a very modern, luxurious and SPA looking bathroom you can add pink tiles on your shower cabins or bathtub and match it with Spa looking wooden elements and neutral shades. The pink will blend in great with them and if you use gold or silver as deco accents you will love the stylish result this space will have.

Now, if we’re thinking about a mix between a modern and a retro style with a very chic touch you can pink just a pink cabinet, sink or small stool in a modern or retro style and combine it with the opposite style. It will really stand out in a neutral room and your bathroom will have that wow effect.


Make your balcony or terrace super dreamy, modern and Parisian inspired using the dreamy pink. Pick pink pillows or flowers or even a cute printed pink rug.

Other great ideas are some cute pink relaxing chairs and a matching table. This shade is perfect for the warm season and if you macth everything with a pink lemonade you will have a great and stylish summer season.

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