Your front door greets all of your guests and you’ll have a lot of trick-or-treaters knocking on it on Halloween. That’s reason enough to want to decorate it and we’re pretty excited to help with that. We’re gathered a few of our favorite design ideas and we’ll share them all with you in a moment. Most of them are pretty easy to make and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the necessary supplies. In any case, feel free to improvise and always be creative, especially when it comes to Halloween doors.

The first design idea that we’d like to show you comes from Whyskingmama. It shows a door that looks like a mummy. You can get this done in just a few minutes and all you’ll need is a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, two rolls of streamers and extra large craft eyes.  You might also need some adhesive for the eyes if they don’t have it on already.

Another idea is to hand a spooky wreath on your front door. There’s no need to go big on the design. Keep it clean and simple. Take a styrofoam wreath, wrap it in some white fabric  and then attach a few ornaments on it such as some skeleton heads, bats, a few colorful feathers and maybe even a message. Check out this design idea from DIYs for inspiration.

If you’re not a big fan on wreaths, maybe a garland would be more to your liking. You could make a cool Halloween garland that looks like vampire teeth and display it on or above your front door(s). It would look best if the door were black or some other color that allows the white garland to stand out by contrast. {found on thehousethatlarsbuilt}.

And just in case you’re not against wreaths but you weren’t convinced by the first design we showed you, we have a few more that might do the trick. This one is cute and fluffy with just a hint of spooky. It’s a cartoon eyeball wreath that we found on Dreamgreendiy. You can make something just as lovely if you use a foam wreath form, a white feather garland or something similar and a bunch of styrofoam balls. Use colored markers or paint to put an eye on each ball and then attach them to the wreath.

Here’s another Halloween wreath idea, this time from DIYs. This one is made using a vine wreath, black spray paint, a hot glue gun, a toy crow, black ribbon and black and white feathers and faux flowers. The first step is to paint the wreath black. Let it dry and then attach the decorations using the glue gun. Cluster them to one side like shown here or come up with your own design.

This is an interesting design which combines two radically different elements: skulls and flowers, symbols of life and rejuvenation respectively death and decay. Together they balance out each other surprisingly well. If you like the idea, here’s the list of supplies you’ll need for a similar project: small skull heads, silk flowers in vibrant and cheerful colors, black and white striped ribbon, a grapevine wreath, a leaf garland, black spray paint and a hot glue gun. You can find the instructions on Thegirlinspired.

You’ve seen a cute eyeball wreath…now it’s time for a spooky one. The design is pretty similar to what we already described, the exception being that the primary color is black instead of white and that the eyes are not colorful but just black and white. This design might actually be simpler since you don’t have to paint each individual eyeball and you can just stick a goggly eye on each one. {found on creativemeinspiredyou}.

If you don’t want your front door to look all black-and-white and gloomy, you can definitely decorate it with something more colorful and still in tone with the Halloween theme. Perhaps you might be interested in a bat wreath with a witch’s hat ornament. Yes, we know that bats are black but we thought we might try something different this time and make them purple. We even added some glittered ones for contrast. They’re all glued to a wire wreath and the hat is  put on top.

Just in case you have some extra skeleton hands lying around, we can show you how to put them in a wreath. This one uses 9 hands but the number can vary depending on how big or small they are and also on the dimensions of the wreath. They were spray painted silver and then glued around a chalkboard circle. You can use a fine chalk marker or just simple chalk to write a message at the center. {found on triedandtrueblog}.

Skulls are pretty popular on Halloween and there are a lot of decoration designs and ideas that include them on their supply list. This wreath is one of them. Its design is symmetrical and straight to the point. The skulls are everything. If you like the idea, go get yourself a bunch of mini styrofoam skulls, some gauge wire, a glue gun and some ribbon and you’ll make a wreath in no time, just as shown on Triedandtrueblog.

It only takes 10 minutes to make your front door look like Frankenstein’s monster. If you don’t believe us try it for yourself. Obviously you’ll need a door and it would be great if it were green although it’s not a must. Any color can be fun to work with. You’ll also need some white paper for the eyes, black paper for the mouth and eyebrow as well as for the hair and some glue or adhesive that can help you attach these decorations to the door’s surface. It’s all described in more detail on Thecopperanchor.

Crows are not exactly known for being good-luck charms, being associated with witches and death, which is pretty much what Halloween is about. This brings us to a cool door decor idea that we found on Idlewife.. It shows a bunch of 2D paper crows that appear to be flying around the front door. If you like the idea, aim for a 3D effect.

Can you imagine living in a house that’s actually a giant monster? It wouldn’t be cozy at all. Of course, the idea is pretty fantastic but you can definitely go with it when decorating your home, particularly the front door area. check out this idea from Craftibilities. The decor looks pretty scary and even a bit realistic, judging by Halloween standards.

Wreaths are in a way the easy way out because they’re usually easy to make. You can definitely make a wreath look special and even come up with an original design for it, one in tone with the whole Halloween theme. How about a witch-themed wreath? You could decorate it with a pointy hat and some matching shows. You can even add a small broom as well. {found on Reasonstocomehome.

Here’s another idea for a witch-themed wreath. It looks like the witch crashed into the door and you could find its other half on the other side. It’s quire funky and colorful and it would definitely draw some attention. To make something like this you need a round laundry basket, some fabric in different colors, a pair of striped tights, glitter foam, dowels/ sticks, foam core, a hot glue gun and some tulle for the skirt. {found on thealisonshow}.

Greet your guests with candy. It doesn’t sound spooky at all but not everything Halloween-related has to be like that. The pumpkin looks happy and you can see it’s filled with all sorts of goodies. The kids will definitely love it so be prepared to offer refills. Here’s what you need for the project: a chalkboard, a pumpkin (actually only half of one), a wood burning tool, a screw, a drill, a nail, a hammer and some black and white paint. The idea comes from Cherishedbliss.

Even if you’re not afraid of spiders, this door decor would spook you a little bit. It looks like spiders are invading the house and the cool thing about this is that you can arrange the spiders in a lot of interesting ways. Use magnetic spiders or just stick them to the door with double-sided tape. {found on deliacreates}.

Finally, we’ll end the list with a wreath that we find chic and elegant. It’s actually a rectangular frame decorated in a Day-of-the-Dead style. Here’s the list of supplies that you’ll need if you want to recreate the look: an unpainted resin skull, a picture frame, some black lace fabric, black, white and gold flowers, a hot glue gun, sharpie markers and some pliable wire. Find the details on DIYs.

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