Hair Kare today included in the list of the most popular haircuts of our time. Stylists say that fashion square with elongation and asymmetric model Kara, which involve oblique bangs, uneven parting etc.

Kara’s always been the hairstyles that never go out of fashion. Most girls are asking themselves how to make the caret surround, which really just looks gorgeous. Today we will discuss fashion styling for the caret, which give the hair incredible volume!

Как сделать каре объемным?

Direct and bulky

Laying for direct caret implies the use of a rectifier. With the help of it we can create beautiful styling with volume effect. How to make the caret surround?

1. Wash your hair, dry them and apply a mousse to give volume and texture.

2. Clip away the top section of hair.

3. Starting from the bottom strands, use a hair straightener from the roots to the tips, lightly twisting the hair inward, towards the neck.

4. Before moving on to the upper strands make a small bouffant at the roots, giving your hair extra volume, and fix with hairspray.

5. The same procedure is carried out with the upper strands of hair. Bangs and side strands near her curl towards the head and carefully laid to one side.

6. Create a small bouffant on the crown and fix hairstyle with hairspray.
Our laying ready, this is perfect hairstyle for every day.

Voluminous curls

If you want to create the ultimate romantic look, try styling voluminous curls!

1. On freshly washed hair, apply mousse for volume, hands raise the strands and dry hair.
2. The upper part of the hair is clipped with a clamp.
3. With the help of Curling iron to create voluminous curls and hold them in contact until the hair has cooled.
4. Remove the clips, make a small bouffant at the roots and fix the varnish.
5. The same procedure is carried out and with the top strand, step by step, twirling them in the Curling iron.
6. Hair in the occipital region slightly raise with the help of fleece.

Как сделать каре объемным?

Fix the hairstyle with hairspray, she’s ready. Paired with such fashionable styling you can wear original hair accessories. This can be a Hoop, a neat clip that holds the side strands, etc.

To create voluminous hairstyles are very simple, the main thing to worry about fixing your hair to styling was flawless for a long time.

Fashion you ideas!