How to Make a Self-Binding Sherpa Fleece Blanket

I love this blanket because it’s SO soft, it’s easy to make, and looks totally high-end and professional when you’re done. It’s the best! Backed with very soft sherpa fleece, the fleece folds over to bind the edges of the blanket–which is a great technique for any blanket or quilt. I’ll show you some tricks for getting perfect mitered corners as well. You’re going to fall in love with this blanket. We already have!

– Purchase SHERPA Fleece in most fabric shops and online
– Purchase DAY TRIP Fabrics here:


Top Fabric – 22″ x 25″
Back Fabric (Sherpa Fleece) – 28″ x 31″

Top Fabric – 38″ x 52″
Back Fabric (Sherpa Fleece) – 44″ x 58″

Top Fabric – 53″ x 63″
Note: because most quilting cotton is only 42 inches wide, you will need to piece (sew together) two large pieces of fabric together to get a full size TOP fabric.

Back Fabric (Sherpa Fleece) – 59″ x 69″
Note: sherpa fleece is typically 60 inches wide, so you will only need one large piece of fleece for the back.

Top Fabric -Desired finished dimensions
Back Fabric (Sherpa Fleece) – add 6 inches to both dimensions

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