How to make a quilt from old clothes – 10+ ideas! Quilting can be intimidating between the amount of time invested and all the materials; making an upcycled quilt can be one way to try out the techniques without buying a bunch of new fabric. DIY upcycled quilts keep old clothes and sheets out of the landfill and make something beautiful and useful from outgrown or stained stuff! They make fantastic gifts, memorial or keepsake projects, and can be easy to make with the right tutorial. I shared some of my favorite ideas from all types of upcycled old clothes, leave a comment if you have a favorite idea I can add! If you don’t have a stack of old clothes in need of a new home, go on the hunt for the perfect clothes at the thrift shop after reading five tips for thrift shopping to upcycle & refashion.

How to make a quilt from old clothes - 10+ ideas

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upcycled quilt tutorials

How to make a quilt from old clothes – 10 ideas

quilted flannel

Collect old flannels and make a cozy patchwork quilt with this tutorial here on Swoodson Says.

upcycled sweater quilt

Use thick wool sweaters and make a cozy patchwork quilt with this tutorial here on Swoodson Says.

Baby clothes quilts are such a sweet way to save those tiny pieces without shoving them in a tote, see how to make a simple one over at A Happy Stitch.

tshirt baby blanket quilt

Tshirt quilts don’t have to be complicated; see how to make a simple baby blanket from old shirt over at Polka Dot Chair, and use the same concept to make a larger quilt if you want!

dress shirt quilt upcycle

Worn out dress shirts are easy to find in thrift stores or a sweet way to remember a loved one, check out this quilt made from them at Bonnie Projects.

Obsessed with this denim triangle quilt! There’s no tutorial but click through for inspiration and to see more photos, by Modern Handcraft.

denim upcycled quilt

If you are looking for a full tutorial and simpler starter project, check out this tutorial for an upcycled denim picnic blanket at Houseful of Handmade.

I’ve never tried the self-binding method but this sweatshirt blanket looks so cozy, with a tutorial from Polkadot Chair.

vintage sheet quilt

So bright and summery, see this beautiful quilt from Flamingo Toes that is made from vintage floral sheets.

I always see people talking about being gifted too many receiving blankets; turn them into a quilt that can be used for years with this tutorial from Scratch and Stitch.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a vintage handkerchief but these are beautiful! See how to turn them into a simple quilt over at Polkadot Chair.

Some more ideas that you’ll have to click through since I don’t have photo sharing permission:

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