If you are in the process of preparing and planning your wedding, we have appeared at the right time to inspire you.
The minimalist current has been getting bigger and bigger and we are really glad about it. The philosophy of those who adopt this style is basically to acquire with them what they add and discard what remains. Why could not this also be part of your wedding?
Not everything has to be white or black as it seems to be only minimalism. We want to show you how you can organize a minimalist wedding and that you can still see it as well if you pay attention and take care of many details.


You do not have to worry about a ridiculously exotic hairstyle or a veil of brides that measures 5 meters and with many decorative applications. It is your most important day and you need a hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable and does not cause you a headache because of the tightness. You can decorate it with simple tiaras that do not have a lot of accessories and a veil that fulfils its traditional basic function.








How to make a Minimalist Wedding look good

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Usually, the wedding cake occupies a single table that forces you to think of ornaments so you do not see only on an island. But look how well you can adjust it at the end of the table so that from that same place you can address your guests when you want to say the words. This would force you to be at a large table with more guests, which we think is a nice detail of wanting to share with your loved ones while optimizing space and resources.



Usually, at weddings, the bridesmaids should look the same style of dress but do not you find boring? We do and we believe that it is a way of forcing your girls to fit into a design that may not favour them. Why determine in consensus a colour that everyone wants to use and then let the creativity and comfort of each one shine in their idea.

How to make a Minimalist Wedding look good

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The best way to apply this style in the reception is by unifying colours and eliminating a lot of details. A selection of simple furniture and basic floral arrangements, considering that none of this transcends more than in the photos.



With something as important as publicizing the menu, try to be concise choosing dishes that are enjoyable for all that do not cause inconvenience, so you will not have to create menu cards that explain each ingredient. May practicality be part of your wedding!

How to make a Minimalist Wedding look good

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The cakes should not be towers and pounds of chocolate that you can not eat more after two tablespoons. Think of the pleasure of your guests to share the dessert and opt for vegan options that have more varied and diverse flavours. Once again, this is a way to add a minimalist element that becomes unique within your wedding plan.



Options for this there are many but if you do not want to be so extreme and stop using a bouquet of flowers breaking the tradition, choose flowers with a less saturated colour palette that may remain many without drawing much attention.

How to make a Minimalist Wedding look good

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This part is very important. One time you have dinner at your party and the most important thing is not how many different glasses of wine you had, but how many of those glasses were shared at ease. Opt for simple elements that do not overwhelm the table and make the guests feel at home without losing elegance.



This is a big expense and little need. If you continue the printed tradition, try to make the information directly and without so many adornments to incur unnecessary expenses. The most important thing is to know the date and then wait for the day!

How to make a Minimalist Wedding look good

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