How To Make A Miniature Frankenstein's Laboratory Zen Garden – DIY Stress-Relieving Desk Decoration

In this video I show how to make a mini DIY Frankenstein Style Zen Garden – cute and creepy stress-relief toy. Draw on the sand with miniature monster’s hand rake and relieve your stress and anxiety during Halloween holidays!

This zen garden is the most scary among all my miniatures. But I made it inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel – the pure classic 🙂

This is not just a toy or decoration – this is a #miniature Japanese garden that helps with nerves and reduces stress. When you focus on drawing wavy lines on the sand – even with monster’s hand LOL – your mind rests and you feel such a great relieve!

In this video I show how to make 6 miniatures for this #zengarden – mini floor with miniature wood flooring, mini capacitor (the device that stores electricity (note – the capacitor I made just mine imagination for devices of 18th century)), mini surgical bed for Doctor #Frankenstein ‘s experiments, mini stand for mini jars with chemicals, miniature brain and mini rake shaped like monster’s hand. This #DIY project is very easy, cheap and fun!

I start with the base (cardboard lid with sand) and wood flooring (cardboard, double-sided tape (or any adhesive),wooden stir sticks and watercolor). Just in case – you can get the sand from any pet shop.

The next DIY is a miniature electrical device – capacitor. You will need a small cardboard box, aluminum foil, LED tealights, black acrylic paint and 4 push-pins. Or you can design your own. The main to make this lab full of electrical devices.

The third mini DIY – is a miniature stand with chemicals. Paper drinking straw, a piece of cardboard, white fabric painted with watercolor, old nail polish bottles and jute twine.

The fourth DIY project is a mini medical-electrical bed – the place where the “Modern Prometheus” (Victor Frankenstein’s monster) was created.

The fifth miniature is a mini brain. LOL Just a cherry on top for medical lab. LOL You will need a walnut and acrylic paint to make it.

And the last – as always in my miniature Zen Gardens – mini rake made as monster’s hand 🙂 You will need a roll of baking paper, hot glue, acrylic paint and a popsicle stick.

To decorate this mini scene I also used old batteries and pieces of wire.

Have fun on #Halloween !

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