DIY Halloween ClocheLet’s just say that this project changed my life. Turns out that you can have spooky AND polished Halloween decor and the only thing you really need to pull it off is a cloche!

Not only are the possibilities endless for what you can use to style one, but they immediately elevate anything you place inside. Really… what’s better than fancy and easy decor in just a matter of minutes?!  Here’s how to make a Halloween cloche:

How to Make a Halloween ClocheWhat You’ll Need:

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Reindeer Moss
– Dried Florals (the ones I used are out of stock, but these are fun!)
– Other decorative elements *

*You could also do this project with items like crows, plastic bugs,  and more. This dollar store skull makeover I shared a few weeks back would even work great if you had a cloche large enough. Let your imagination go wild and think about the theme for the rest of your Halloween decor! I found the cloches at Ikea but Michaels also has great options.

How to Make a Halloween ClocheEven though I went spooky for this year’s theme, you don’t have to! You can spray paint your items gold for a glam look or opt for colorful decorative pieces instead and they would work just as well. How cute would a set of pumpkins look?! This is such a great project because you can really customize it to fit your own theme exactly.

After rounding up your items, it’s really just a matter of styling under your cloche.

How to Make a Halloween ClocheTips for Building Your Halloween Cloche

1. Start by putting your main decorative element in first, then add your dried florals around it. You’ll want to have an even base so that your item stays in place.

2. If layering skulls (like in mine), you’ll want to secure them in place with hot glue. Based on the amount of times my skulls fell over before using hot glue, this is the best tip I can give you.

3. Look for those unique pieces in your collection to highlight. I found the RIP tombstone at a thrift store, and it’s actually a salt shaker. It wouldn’t really have much impact out of the cloche, but under with with some dried florals, it’s perfectly spooky.

4. Moss, spider webbing, and dried florals will all help to elevate your main decorative element, so don’t pass them up.

5. If using more than one cloche, grab varying sizes of containers to add depth and visual interest to your display.

Place everything on the base, cover with the glass dome, and enjoy!

How to Make a Halloween ClocheAnd that’s really all there is to it! These work great side by side, as a center piece, or even mixed in with your other Halloween decor. Stay tuned for next week when I’m going to share our entire Halloween mantel!

How to Make a Halloween Cloche

How to Make a Halloween Cloche

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