In this video I show how to make a very useful storage pouffe chair shaped like a hamburger. You can use it as a chair, footstool, storage or as a seriously cool room decoration.

I store my video games stuff in this DIY pouf, but as you understand, you can store anything. Kids can store toys or LEGO parts, guys – snacks and TV remote or game controllers (as I do), girls – scarfs, purses, hair stuff (like hairbands, brushes etc).

It is important for me to notice, so I will – this is a Veggie Burger! 🙂 So even if it would be edible (but it’s not, just in case LOL) – no animal would be hurt. 🙂

Ok, let’s move to the materials. You will need:
2 plastic basins (mine were 15 cm height, had 36 cm bottom diameter, 20 l volume)
brown acrylic paint
yellow fabric (I used fleece)
pillow stuffing
green silk ribbon (7 cm wide)
2 pieces of velcro (better brown or black)
hot glue gun

Experiment with sizes! You can take 2 small plastic bowls and get a perfect middle-giant 🙂 burger.

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