In this video I show how to make a three-dimensional pillow (NOT flat) shaped like a diamond. Including sewing pattern creating.

I chose a diamond, but you can make any gemstone you like.

This pillow consists of 3 shapes – hexagon, trapezoid and triangle. I show how to draw and measure all patterns you will need. 🙂

I use a hologram shine foiled fabric. It’s basic color, if I can say so, is silver (metal). But you can make this pillow with red fabric if you want to make a ruby… or blue – for sapphire, or green – for emerald, or violet – for amethyst etc.

You can sew fabric with hands, glue it with a hot glue gun or use a sewing machine.
If you will use a hot glue – note, that the better way to wash the pillow is with hands in a slightly warm water.

Hope you’ll enjoy my new DIY project 😉

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