How To Make A Dementor

Adding a rightly balanced element of spookiness to your space, a black-hued dementor with all its free-flowing drapery, a deep black skull, those scary thin skeleton fingers, and an illusion of hanging in mid-air leaves no doubts that it will send some chills down the spines of your Halloween get together guests.

Also, it makes sure that things don’t go overboard when it comes to the idea of ghoulish or gory, making the decor apt and appropriate for kids to be a part of the gathering as well. YouTube sensation Rebecca from Pins and Things gives wings to her incredible idea to work up a do-it-yourself dementor at home, that too as easily as a piece of cake.

The most amazing thing about building the dementor right from the very scratch is that it doesn’t require more than 6 simple supplies, including a 16 gauge wire, some masking tape, black duct tape, a pool needle, some black spray paint, a black skull, some liquid starch, water, black acrylic paint, a pair of scissors, lots of cheesecloth, and a hot glue gun to get it all done.

How To Make A Dementor! DIY Wraith Harry Potter Party Idea!

What she begins with is a black store-bought skull, making a vertical passage inside the skull right in the middle with the help of a skewer. She inserts a 16 gauge wire into the passage, further twisting and turning the wire on the top in order to make it hang-ready, while the bottom loop allows to put the wire for the arms of the dementor. The arms are covered with a pool needle, followed by wrapping black duct tape around the needle, while bringing out the perfect shape for the arms and shoulders of the creature.

Next part is to build the hands using loads of masking tape, some more guage wire and cut pieces of pool needle. Although, this one calls for some patience and time, the end results are totally worth the effort.

Rebecca coats everything in black spray paint, adding a few little tweaks to the skull to create an impression of open jaw. Finally, she advances towards draping the dementor in cheesecloth in a fashion that makes it look worn out and old. The cheesecloth itself needs to be dipped in liquid starch and black paint before the drapery.

Through this awesome YouTube video tutorial, Rebecca showcases each and every step you need to follow to put together the horrifying dementor all by yourself. What else does one need to get that perfect spine-chilling touch to this year’s Halloween celebrations. Even more amazing is the fact that the installation can double up as a wonderful decor element for a Harry Potter themed party too.

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