What better way to start the year than by making some DIY organizers and cleaning up the place? It’s a nice way to pave the way for other great project in the future. Organization and comfort go hand in hand, although they’re not always necessarily linked. Being organized comes naturally to some but feels like a chore to others and there are actually plenty of projects that can help in either of cases. Let’s quickly check out a few together. 

DIY organizer

30+ DIY Organizer Ideas You Should Try Right Now

Framed organizer for your desk

It’s often the little things that give a space a cluttered look. For instance, you might just now realize that there’s always a bunch of things on your desk that could be arranged and stored in a better manner. A framed fabric organizer might just be the perfect answer to that. You can make yourself and customize it however you please based on your own style. 

Wall-mounted organizer for the office

Another idea is to remove some of the items that you would normally keep on your desk and store them up on a wall where they’re easily accessible but also out of the way most of the time. You can make a little wall organizer with a geometric shape and a built-in mini cork board as well as a few pegs. 

Hanging leather straps for jewelry

Jewelry can be quite annoying when it comes to storage just because things like necklaces and bracelets can get tangled up so easily. The solution however is quite simple. Keep your favorite jewelry pieces nice and organized with leather straps. You can hang them up on a wall or on the back of a cabinet door using this system. 

Wall organizer made with repurposed jars

Something else that you can use for storage in glass jars. You can use a few to make a stylish wall organizer for your kitchen or your bathroom. The jars can be combined with a wooden boards and some leather straps to make a simple but cute and elegant organizer with an eclectic design. 

A jewelry tree stand made with copper pipes

A tree organizer can also be super helpful for storing jewelry. If you’re a fan of industrial-inspired design and accessories, consider making one for yourself using a few copper pipes. You can combine the pieces to give the organizer a cool look and you could also potentially spray paint it if you prefer a different look and color. 

A sleek and stylish organizer that you can write on

This modern desk organizer may not look like much but it has a really cool and interesting design. It’s something that you can use as a display piece for some pictures, notes and various other things and the glass panel (that you can barely even notice) can also be used as a board and you can write things on it with a marker. 

Dividers for clean and organized drawers

Of course, drawers are the most annoying when it comes to storage because they get cluttered and messy so easily. Using dividers however makes a huge difference. You can make your own drawer organizer with custom dividers so you can create compartments for all the different things you want to fill the drawer with. All you need is craft boards and glue. 

An actual tree stand for your jewelry

This jewelry tree stand actually comes from a tree. It’s basically just a branch attached to a concrete pot saucer and it looks beautiful plus it’s actually great for storing and organizing all sorts of jewelry. The branch can hold necklaces and bracelets and the saucer can hold smaller items like earrings and rings. 

Versatile organizer made of metal mesh

Some things are super easy to make like this wire organizer that you can use for your desk or for a cabinet or closet. It’s made out of fence wire that’s been bent and spray painted and it’s super versatile and customizable. It can hold all sorts of things like notebooks, jars, various school supplies and so on. 

A practical way to store wrapping paper

If you’re the type that likes to wrap their own presents and has a big pile of different wrapping paper in the closet, you’re probably always annoyed by the fact that there’s just no way great way to store all of it. Maybe you could invest a little bit of time in making an actual organizer for it. It doesn’t have to be anything big or fancy. You can just use a reclaimed pallet for this. 

Cardboard dividers for big drawers

Drawer dividers can also be made out of cardboard which may not be the best material in terms of durability but is a great option if you want something temporary or easy to throw together. You can make cardboard dividers for your drawers just to get an idea of how it all works or how it can be optimized and then later update to a more durable material like wood. 

Simple cardboard boxes with cute designs

Storage boxes are also excellent for keeping a space clean and organized. You could have a bunch of boxes for all your different project supplies and you can keep them on a shelf or inside a cabinet. Add labels so you can easily identify the contents and decorate your boxed if you’re keeping them out in the open. A super easy option is to just spray paint them. 

A little desk organizer made of clay

How about something small cute for your desk? You could make a clay organizer for you can keep a few pictures on your desk and make this area more personal and you can also use the organizer for various notes and other things. Working with clay is easy as long as you don’t overcomplicate the design. Try something simple like a rectangular block for instance. Check out diys for instructions. 

Rolling storage to hide under the bed

If you’re short on storage in the bedroom perhaps you could use the space underneath the bed. This space often goes to waste when it can be easily put to good use. You could keep boxes under there or, even better, make some pull-out drawers that would be easy to access. You can find a tutorial for that on charlestoncrafted

Multicolored organizer from cardboard tubes

The cardboard tubes from paper towels or even toilet paper are not totally useless or you might think. You can use them to organize cables and various other things. If you want to make something that’s not just useful but also pretty, try a wall organizer like the one featured on akailochiclife. It’s made from a bunch of cardboard tubes or different sizes and colors. 

Repurposed tin can organizer

Tin cans can also be used for storage and organization. Sure, they might not look pretty at first but you can easily change that. You can decorate tin cans and make them look pretty using things like paint, fabric, scrapbook paper, lace and so on. Check out this vintage-looking design from diys if you need some inspiration. 

A caddy for all your crafting supplies

A desk caddy can be super useful if you have a bunch of pens, pencils, rolls of tape and so on constantly taking up space on your desk. All of these supplies can be gathered together and neatly stored in a caddy that you can grab and move for easy storage when you don’t need it. It’s a great idea for storing crafting supplies. Check out ohohdeco for details. 

Spice drawers that fit inside the kitchen cabinet

Struggling to find a good and practical storage solution for all your spices? Perhaps a drawer organizer would be the perfect answer. You could make one for one of the small drawers in your kitchen with compartments and sections based on what needs to be stored. Check out bybrittanygoldwyn for additional details and ideas. 

A retro spinning caddy

This spinning caddy could be quite useful around the house for storing and organizing various small items. It’s not really a modern accessory so chances are you’ll have to restore an old one and give it a makeover. You could just spray paint it to give it a fresh new look. Check out squirrelsofafeather to find out how to do it correctly and quickly. 

Stylish shelves for the nursery

Regular shelves are great for storing and organizing a lot of different types of items but there are also variations that make more sense in certain situations. For example, if you’re looking for something that you could add to a nursery room, the bookshelves featured on acraftedpassion are great. They’re perfect for having the books stored but at the same time displayed in the room. 

A cart for all your project supplies

Whenever you’re working on a project it’s nice to have all the tools and supplies right there where you need them. On that note, it could be cool to have a cart with a bunch of shelves and a worktop where you can store and organize everything and that you can potentially also move around as needed. Something like that can be found on thekingstonhome

Wall-mounted organizer for small bathrooms

Bathrooms need plenty of storage too, including some for the little things like toiletries, toilet brushes and so on. If you’re not a big fan of medicine cabinets or cabinets in general, perhaps you’re prefer something stylish and simple like this wall-mounted organizer from papernstitchblog. It has a cute mirror too. 

Versatile shelves for pictures

Some types of organizers like the one featured on themerrythought have a more versatile nature. You could easily add something like this to your home office but also to a bedroom, a living room or a hallway. It’s an organizer that can hold books, picture frames and all sorts of other things so be creative with it.

Tin can organizer with a twist

The humble tin can is a great resource. You can turn it into a cute organizer for the desk or for your bathroom counter and you can decorate it and make it look adorable with just a bit of paint or stickers, twine and so on. Isn’t this one lovely? Check out diys to find out how you can recycle tin cans and make them useful again. 

Copper pipe magazine rack

Copper pipes and fittings can be used to construct all sorts of useful things, including a stylish magazine rack. This particular design is super simple and quite practical as well. You can make something like this out of just a 2-meter copper pipe, 12 90 degree connectors and some strong adhesive. You’re going to need a pipe cutter as well. 

A charging dock with hidden cables

A charging dock for your phone and other devices is also something great that you could make in your spare time. It’s a nice way to hide all the cables and chargers and keep them out of sight plus it lets you create a dedicated spot just for charging devices. You can make a cool dock out of a wooden box and a piece of cork. 

Accordion dividers for small drawers

On the topic of drawer organizers, here’s another one that you can make out of regular cardboard sheets. This accordion organizer is great for dressers or bedroom closets, in particular for organizing all your socks or underwear and various other small things. 

A practical way to store makeup brushes

This right here is a really clever and practical way or storing and organizing all of your makeup brushes and various accessories. This roll organizer also doubles as a great traveling case for all of these things and it’s super easy and inexpensive to make. 

Pencil holder made out plastic bottles

Plastic bottles can be reused and there are some really clever ways to do it. For example, you can combine sections from two small plastic bottles to make a zipper pencil case. It’s simple, practical and inexpensive and it gives you a reason to recycle too. 

A key holder made of actual keys

Ever thought of reusing or repurposing old keys? They may seem useless but only if you don’t use your imagination and creativity. A cool thing that you can use them for is a key holder. That’s right, a key holder made out of actual keys. 

Upside down hanging book storage

Floating shelves are super practical and useful around the house. However, it’s usually just the top that’s usually useful. With this cool and clever design, you also get to use the underside of the shelf. It’s an upside-down shelf that can hold books below and something else on top. 

Simple magazine rack made of wood

Just the thought of building a piece of furniture or something else from scratch can sometimes be draining but not for projects like this one. This X-shaped magazine rack is super easy to put together and inexpensive to make as well. You can keep it next to the sofa or place it in a corner and it can also potentially be customized. 

A fabric basket for knitting supplies

Whether you’re an experienced knitter or just trying it for the first time, it’s good to be organized and to keep all of your knitting supplies nice and tidy. Inspired by the old-fashioned knitting basket, this fabric basket is perfect for that. You can make one for yourself and you can use it for a lot more than just yarn and knitting supplies. 

A leather organizer for the desk

This leather catchall is something stylish that you can make for your desk. It would hold all of your personal things like keys, phone, sunglasses and so on. Just dump everything in it when you get to work and then they’ll be all in one place for you to take them back when you leave. It also looks cute. 

A retro mail sorter

A mail organizer can also be quite useful around the house, especially if you still prefer to get physical mail. You could make a wall-mounted organizer for your entryway where you can sort the bills and various other things. Make it out of reclaimed wood if you want it to have a rustic or a farmhouse-inspired vibe. Check out the tutorial on anikasdiylife

Pegboard organizer for tools and crafting supplies

If we’re thinking on a larger scale, it might be cool to take some time and organize an entire room. If you have a home office or a craft room, you could do a lot to make it more storage-efficient and better organized. Use things like pegboards and various hooks and containers to make a storage wall for all the little bits, tools and supplies. Head over to agirlandagluegun for more info and details. 

Portable storage for pens and pencils

Speaking of craft rooms, here’s an organizer that you could use for all the colored pencils, pens, markers, scissors, glue sticks and other supplies that usually clutter your workspace. It has a handle so you can easily carry it and that’s great if you’re doing projects all over the house. Check out nufunactivities to see how you can make this. 

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