We all sometimes face the problem of the appearance of unpleasant dark circles under the eyes — whether chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, not enough water in the body, bad habits or heredity. To deal with this is not only possible, but necessary.

Как скрыть темные круги под глазами: 5 супер простых способов

The easiest way to quickly remove dark circles under eyes with makeup. There are some secrets.

To start on the tonic cleansed face apply a moisturizer. Then align complexion with Foundation, and on the eyelids, apply a base under makeup. For eye makeup choose a neutral eyeshadow palette and slightly procras lashes mascara. If you want to neutralize the blueness under the eyes, use a yellow concealer. To complexion was homogeneous, spot apply concealer bodily and rinse it restului Apply on the apples of the cheeks and bridge of the nose highlighter to highlight the «right» part of the face and to divert attention from dark circles under the eyes. Secure make-up translucent powder.

Another effective remedy that eliminates dark circles is mega now patches under the eyes. Quickly get rid of bruises under the eyes will help brightening miracle-plasters, their composition must be the caffeine, the secretion of snail extracts or berries, green tea. Patches with caffeine, hyaluronic acid or peptides will help to quickly deal with swelling.

There are a few more “mommy” recipes to combat dark circles under the eyes, which are no less effective. If a sleepless night in the morning makes itself known, but you really need to look stunning, use the following life hacks:

Coffee grounds wrapped in a napkin, or use the tea bags as compresses under the eyes;

Eliminate dark circles under the eyes simple with ice cubes. It is a proven and really effective way of dealing with edema.

Eye cream a little cool in the freezer and massage movements apply to “blue” under the eyes.

In addition, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so only buy high-quality means to care for her and be sure to wash off makeup at night. When you apply the cream under the eye do not stretch the skin, and carefully drive a vehicle with fingertips at the top edge of the cheekbones and the outer edge of the orbit.

Now you know how to hide dark circles under the eyes and to look perfect always.