How To Get A Perfectly Styled Peaky Blinders Haircut

Peaky Blinders is one of the most popular shows on television today. Chances are you’ve heard of this gangster-riddled, intelligent, gripping television show. One of the reasons people love this show is for the style. Set right at the peak of the 1920s, the fashion and set designs are truly something to behold. If you’re looking to emulate a popular Peaky Blinders haircut or hairstyle, keep reading below! 

What stronghold Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders is a crime, drama, television show that has been sweeping the nation since 2013. Starring Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, and Paul Anderson, Peaky Blinders is set in 1919 Birmingham, England and follows a gangster family through the trials and tribulations of an unlawful way of life. This show is rated TV-MA for mature audiences only.

Peaky Blinders has a total of five full seasons, and there are no plans or rumors to stop any time soon. The last season ended in 2018 and has an overall IMBD rating of 8.8 stars. Fans and critics alike are mesmerized by the deep plot and beautiful styling. Peaky Blinders won the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series in 2018.

Peaky Blinders Haircut

Image CCO to Jayden Huang to Unsplash

What Hair Products Will I Need?

The hairstyle that you are looking to emulate will dictate the products you will need. To achieve these hairstyles, you will need a combination of pomade, spray, and waxes. To accomplish these styles, we also recommend having a comb or hairbrush to smooth unruly hairs into place. If you really want to go the extra mile, acquire a hair dryer to blow some severe volume and added bounce into your hair as it dries.

How to Style a Peaky Blinders Haircut

The styling in Peaky Blinder is impeccable, and it’s no wonder so many people are looking to mimic the fashion sense. With such a handsome and distinguished cast, there were bound to be people trying to hop on the wagon. Keep reading below to get the Peaky Blinders haircut and style that you desire.

The Thomas Shelby – Textured Crop Cut

Peaky Blinders Haircut

Image CCO to Nathan Fertig via Unsplash

The Thomas Shelby is a Peaky Blinders haircut and style that is both versatile for everyday and formal enough for high-end occasions. In the television show, Thomas Shelby has a texturized crop cut that sweeps the bangs off to one side. The sides are kept extremely short, almost buzzed, and the contrasting top is kept very long.

Styling The Thomas Shelby

To style the Thomas Shelby textured crop cut, start by scooping out a dime-sized amount of pomade into your palm. Rub your hands together to warm up the product so that it works most effectively. Sweep the top of your hair to one side of your head with your palms and fingers.

We recommend using your fingers and palms in light, circular, motions when applying the product to achieve a more natural looking sweep. Instead of slicking the hair back with a comb, circular motions give the hair less of a polished look and adds more natural looking texture. The natural texture enhances what waves and flips your hair already has. Here are the products we recommend to achieve the Thomas Shelby Peaky Blinders haircut:

  • American Crew Classic Grooming Spray
  • Ponsonby Pomade by Triumph & Disaster


Not sure if this hairstyle is for you? We suggest this style to anyone with a defined face shape or strong jawline. If you have thin hair or are experiencing signs of premature balding, this is an ideal style for you.  

The Arthur Shelby – Stark Undercut

Peaky Blinders Haircut

Image CCO to Aleksa Bujišić via Pexels

The Arthur Shelby Peaky Blinders haircut is a stark style undercut that has been growing in popularity. The best part about these hairstyles is their ability to look old-fashioned yet modern at the same time, which imparts an industrial affect. The Arthur Shelby stark undercut is a style where both the side and back are fully buzzed. The top of the hair is kept long and untapered.

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Styling The Arthur Shelby

To achieve the Arthur Shelby hairstyle, you will want to start with damp – not wet – hair. Take a pomade designated for a strong hold and work it through the hair starting at the front and flowing backward. We suggest using a comb to help get the product through each strand, especially if you have thick hair. Use a comb to work the product back through the hair, then use your fingers to direct the flow of your hair. This method will not only give you texture, but it will help increase the amount of volume at the crown of your head. We have found the following pomade to be affordable and effective for maintaining this style all day:

  • Strong Hold Pomade By Tenax

The Michael Gray – Side Part And Swoop

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Peaky Blinders Haircut

Image CCO to Taras Chernus via Unsplash

The Michael Gray side part and swoop is one of the most popular hairstyles today. Not only is this Peaky Blinders haircut supremely popular, but it has also been around for decades. This is a classic style that is perfectly versatile for any occasion.

Styling The Michael Gray

To achieve the Michael Gray side part and swoop you’ll want start by blow drying your hair. Make sure you blow dry the hair in the direction in which you wish the style to sit. This is where you’ll need a comb or a brush to create a clean side part to further sweep the hair to your chosen side. Use a quarter-sized amount of styling mousse, cream, or pomade and work through the ends of the strands. Using this method will add texture and dimension to your swoop because you’re grouping or dividing your hair rather than separating each strand. We recommend using the following product to achieve a hairstyle similar to the Michael Gray side part and swoop: 

  • Grooming Crème by Bumble And Bumble 

The Alfie Solomon – Full Beard And Clean Sides

Peaky Blinders Haircut

Image CCO to Nonsap Visuals via Unsplash

Alfie Solomon has one of the most iconic hairstyles on the television show, and half of that reason is his impressive beard. We know not everyone can grow a beard, but if you can grow a beard or you’re not willing to part with your current beard to fulfill one of the sleeker looks above, this is the look for you. Just because Alfie Solomon has a full beard doesn’t mean he has a messy beard, and neither should you.

Styling The Alfie Solomon

To achieve the Alfie Solomon, you’ll want to invest in a great beard grooming kit and quality products to help tame any wild hairs. What makes the Alfie Solomon such an iconic look is how clean the sides of his head are compared to his crown, which features a thick, unruly, head of hair. The sides of his face are trimmed back to help differentiate the line of the beard and the start of the hairline. This is a technique that helps make the face appear more slender. While the clean lines make this more of a maintenance-heavy look, the length of the hair and beard make it much more doable for an everyday look. We recommend using the following products to groom the Alfie Solomon Peaky Blinders haircut and style: 

  • Beard Oil by Bullfrog 
  • Beard Brush by D.R. Harris
  • Beard Shampoo by Murdock

The John Shelby – The Harsh Undercut

Peaky Blinders Haircut

Image CCO to Štefan Štefančík via Unsplash

Looking for a combination of Thomas Shelby’s hairstyle and Arthur Shelby’s hairstyle? Sounds like you’re looking for John Shelby’s in-between style. This style is iconic with the bald, instead of buzzed, sides, and it’s sure to get heads turning.

Styling The John Shelby

To achieve the John Shelby, you’ll want to start by using a pea-sized amount of styling product. We suggest using a pomade or a wax and working it through the hair in the same technique you did with Arthur’s. The most important part of this look is ensuring you do not use too much product. Using too much product in this look will give you more of a slicked-back look and instead you’ll be looking like a different character altogether. The John Shelby, although slick, is not nearly as flat or neat as Arthur’s or Thomas’s hairstyles. The John Shelby is much more texturized and casual in appearance. We suggest using the following three products to help achieve the John Shelby harsh undercut Peaky Blinders haircut and style:

  • Shine Medium, Medium Hold Hair Care by Patricks
  • Hair Care by Patricks 
  • Razor by Neville


No matter which Peaky Blinder’s haircut or hairstyle you are looking to achieve, there is a 1920s hairstyle out there perfect for you. Keep an eye on styles that fit your individual hair type and hair texture for the best outcome. Don’t be afraid to experiment; hair always grows back.

Whether you are interested in looking like the mysterious Alfie Solomon or the intelligent Thomas Shelby, you can achieve it with the right technique and styling products. Do not be afraid to ask your hairstylist what they suggest and if they have any suggestions based on your individual hair type and personal desire to maintain the style at home. As always, have fun and select something that makes you look and feel great!

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