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Did you know that you can “favorite” things on LoveCrochet? Learn how to build your ultimate crochet wish list of products and projects that you can go back to for some yarnspiration whenever you want.

If you really love something on LoveCrochet but not sure you’re ready to take on another project just yet (let’s face it, it happens!) you can now add it to your favorites list. When you add something to your list, it is saved there so you can go back and look at it later when you’re ready to give it a go. Need some help to get started? No problem – here’s our step by step guide:


Sign in!

If you don’t already have a LoveCrochet account, you will need to create one with an email address and a password, or by signing in with your Facebook account.

sign in lovecrochet


Find something you love

I love this Debbie Bliss Rialto DK yarn, and I want to use it for a future project I have in mind. Just in case I forget, I’m going to add it to my favorites list – that way I can come back to it later.

favoriting yarn lovecrochet

Check out some Projects for inspiration

Have you seen the awesome Projects section of the site, where you can share your makes with fellow crafters? If you want to learn more about how to upload a make to Projects, click here to check out our tutorial. I absolutely love this Kitsch Pineapple Bunting from the Designer Flo and Dot. I want to show her I love it but I also want to add it to my favorites list for when she uploads the pattern so I can make it myself later.


favorite a pattern


Follow a designer

Because I love this project so much, I wanted to see what else Flo and Dot makes, so I clicked the button to follow her. Now I can get updates whenever she uploads new projects to the Community!


follow lovecrochet



Now that you have a wish list, check it out:

You can find all of your favorites by clicking on the button next to “My Feed” and “Notifications” on the top right hand side of the LoveCrochet page.

favorites list



community projects lovecrochet

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