If you follow me* on Instagram, you’ll see that I’ve been sharing in real time how I design, make, photograph and edit a tutorial. I wanted to show two things; one,  its still possible to create with little ones in tow and two, how long the process actually takes. Before I left my day job there were a few kind folk that delighted in telling me I’d never make again. I definitely disagree with that one, whilst its not the easiest its not impossible to still find time to create with two. As with everything in life you have to change and adapt which is no bad thing in my book! Here are some of my tips for getting projects done and having fun along the way…
Get some company – A had some friends and their toddlers round for wreath making at Christmas time, whilst it was chaotic we still managed to each get a wreath made. Christmas might be long gone but with spring around the corner you could try making flower crowns or something simple like candle making . 
Add a creative spin on an everyday activity – for me this is either laying the table or wrapping presents, if there is something that you have to do then find a way to make it beautiful. 

Schedule time – like booking a doctors appointment or trying to make it to a gym class sometimes the only way to scratch that creative itch is to ask for help and schedule it in. If I have childcare then I can plan to do a detailed project (like a jewellery making) if I’ve only got nap time then I might try and play around with a few photo ideas.  
Slow projects  – I used to be all about quick projects that I could complete in about an hour and a half. 90 minutes now feels like such a luxury I’ve switched and started projects that I can pick up and put down as when. 
Get them involved – If there are two things I love, it’s being in the garden with Stanley and having him help me make a cake. One of my biggest joys is being able to pass on my passion for creativity but also watch his imagination unfold. As long as they’re not in any danger include little ones where ever you can. Whilst the activity might not turn out exactly as you imagined its so important to have time together. 
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