My dear friend, Sam Klein of Shop Whurl, recently designed her own wallpaper based on a vintage dress she loved. As she was telling me all about her project, I immediately interrupted her to beg her to share it with you here on the blog. I knew you’d be super inspired by her idea!

Wallpaper is such a personal choice and a big commitment. I love the idea of a totally custom option when nothing else feels right for a space! With that said, I will hand the mic to Sam and let her tell you all about her big project!

“After buying a house two years ago, I’ve moved slowly through each room to try and make them feel like my own. The dining room is definitely one of the last to be fixed up, partially because it felt easy to ignore. We have a table in our kitchen nook, so why not just throw an extra couch and some art in the dining room and call it a day? Two years later, my husband and I decided it was time to get our dining room in order! I started figuring out where the table would go, our rug, credenza, plants, etc., but I knew something was missing. I really wanted to put wallpaper on one of our curved walls and I knew it had to be a showstopper.

As an obsessive vintage shopper (I run the marketplace vintage app Whurl), I started scouring the depths of the Internet to find the right one. I ended up finding a gorgeous pink Mary Blair-esque wallpaper for my bedroom, but nothing quite right for the dining room. I asked around to some of my designer friends about custom making my own and turns out it’s much easier than I thought. Pretty quickly I decided I wanted to replicate a print on one of my vintage dresses. After picking the lucky winner from my closet, I hired a friend to create a high-res vector image of the pattern repeat.

She scanned the dress print and was able to get me a beautiful and clean image in days. I then uploaded my design to Spoonflower (there are other options out there if you research, this is just who I went with) and ordered a sample for less than $20 of two different sizes. It’s a pretty big commitment, so I wanted to make sure the scale was right.

The next step was measuring the height and width of my wall exactly. Not too hard except for the fact that I had to decide where I wanted the wallpaper to stop since our ceiling is curved. After picking the size and doing all my measurements, I ordered my wallpaper and had it in under two weeks. Since the wallpaper shows up in segments that need to be aligned perfectly, I decided not to tempt fate and hired a professional to install it. Absolutely no regrets there because it looks flawless!”

Thank you so much for sharing, Sam! I’m so inspired by this and will definitely be using this method at some point in the future! xx – Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Sam Klein.


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