Red is a difficult color, one which is not for everyone. It’s powerful and vibrant and doesn’t really go with any other colors except neutrals. Working with red when decorating a space is challenging and a lot of interior designers tend to avoid the color. This shouldn’t discourage you, especially is red is one of your favorite colors. There are also plenty of ways in which you can successfully integrate shades of red into an interior design or decor and some of them are very inspiring as you’ll see for yourself in the examples that follow.

The key when decorating with red is to not overuse this color. You can use it as an accent color for any space as long as it’s in small, well-balanced doses. For example, a bring red sculpture, vase or some other sort of ornament could become a wonderful centerpiece for a simple wood table with a gray backdrop.

In the living room, red can be the color of your sofa. Well, if the whole sofa is bright red that might be too much so a design which uses red as a secondary color would actually be just right.

Red is also a great color for an accent chair or even for all the chairs at the dining table. In this context the surrounding decor would have to be simple and neutral. You might be tempted to also get a matching red table or an area rug but we really think you should avoid it.

Not all shades of red are strong and powerful. Some are actually quite dull. We’re talking about certain dark red shades but also about light pastels. There, however, are the extremes and don’t really capture the whole essence of red as a color.

A particularly sumptuous and interesting color is this burgundy or dark red shade. It’s an elegant and also formal color which looks beautiful when paired with warm neutrals such as beige or with metallic accents such as gold.

Red is not really associated with any style in particular and that means it can be successfully integrated in any type of space decorated in any style. A comfortable red chair can be a beautiful accent piece and focal point for any living room, bedroom or office.

We mentioned earlier that red is not easy to pair with other colors but that neutrals are exceptions. A particularly popular and timeless combo in this case is between red and black, often also used in combination with a bit of gold for an even more dramatic and glamorous look.

When used in big doses, red can completely overpower a space. If that’s an effect that you actually want to obtain, consider lighting fixtures with red shades such as large chandeliers, pendant lamps or even sconces.

If you like the impact that red has on the overall design and ambiance of a space and you want to recreate it in your own kitchen, you might be happy to know that there are plenty of red appliances out there, some of them with really cool designs, like this vintage fridge.

Using red in interior design is super easy when the theme you have in mind is actually based on this particular color. For example, a kid’s or a teenager’s room could be decorated using the Spiderman theme. Actually, plenty of grow-ups who are Marvel fans might want to add a bit of red to their homes too.

Because red is such a powerful and rich color, using it in the bedroom is quite difficult since this is a space which needs to be tranquil and relaxing and there are plenty of other colors better-suited for the task. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t use red in the interior design and decor of the bedroom. This example proves it.

Social areas such as the living room or the kitchen are better suited for a red-based decor. Check out this red and grey kitchen and its modern design. It has a stimulating and energizing decor and that’s actually a good thing here.

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