Rugs add dimension and color to a home. Often the cure for a hard floor, they have the power to unite a variety of decor elements in a room. Moreover, shag rugs also bring texture and pattern to your interior. When choosing a shag rug, consider the needs of your space. Are there specific colors and sizes you are after? Will the rug tie together certain hues and design themes, or will it be the one splash of color that brightens the area?

Have you ever come across a beautiful and bold area rug that you had to have, and once you got it home you thought, “How am I going to design my room around this?”Area rugs serve several wonderful purposes.  They provide warmth under our bare feet, create another layer of design, tie a room together and absorb sound in spacious rooms. Shaggy rugs are a very popular kind of area rug. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as wool, bamboo, cotton, nylon, and even in some cases, shaggy rugs can be made from leather. There are completely natural and even hypoallergenic, synthetic shaggy area rugs.

Shaggy Rug- Its texture is beautifully soft and therefore also perfectly suitable for kids rugs.

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A shag pile carpet makes a statement, it’s both luxurious and fun. You can literally run your fingers through the soft pile carpet. The tall pile yarns can no longer remain upright creating an entangled surface that resembles fine cut tobacco. Deep pile carpets instantly give any room an elegant and sophisticated look and are especially great for use in bedrooms and living rooms. This carpet will not only make an impression but they also have the practical advantage of keeping your home warm and cosy.

When shopping for carpet and rugs, shag rug may not be the first type that comes to mind, but it sure does make a powerful statement! Starting with the area rug to design a space can lead to a great adventure to find the right rug. These amazing shaggy rugs have been designed to make your home an enjoyable and relaxing place after a hard day. Take a look at the pictures to see how every rug stands out in the room, even if the colourful surroundings threaten to overwhelm the design. Don’t you just love them? Ready for a closer look?

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Shaggy Rug- Great in the play room or next to a bed

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