During the room’s design, special attention is paid to the window, because not only will you see what is there. A windowsill is a different place where you can embody your creative ideas. We have collected many picture ideas that will inspire you to decorate the windowsill in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, balcony and other rooms.

Put flowers

The most popular but effective way to liven up a plastic window sill is to place plant pots. With proper care, flowers will brighten your home all year round. 


Plastic flowers are not subject to biological ageing, and this is their great advantage. However, several factors can negatively affect the appearance of the decorations:

  • exposure to direct sunlight threatens the petals to lose their primary brightness;
  • due to a layer of dust, the bouquet will look unkempt;
  • high humidity can lead to the deformation of the material.

The is advise to prefer the most natural plants that match the room’s colour palette so that the interior does not look cheap.


Artificial flowers are a great decoration item, but they will not replace the pleasant smell of simple inflorescences. And how much pleasure the process of caring for the plants brings when you watch with trepidation every Day how they gradually bloom and fill the room with life!

Please note that each flower in a pot requires appropriate conditions for its growth, namely: a specific temperature, feeding, soil, drainage. Before purchasing a plant, familiarize yourself with the features of the care and consider if you have the opportunity to take care of it. 

Living in vases

Seasonal cut flowers from the garden are always uplifting. And if this is a gift from a man, it is doubly pleasant. When choosing a vessel with water, consider that the vase should complement the composition and visually combine with it.

Here are some guidelines to help you have your buds fresh:

  • make sure the flower container is clean;
  • get rid of the lower leaves so that they do not pollute the water;
  • periodically prune the stems with a sharp knife at an angle of 45 degrees so that they have access to water;
  • change the liquid regularly, avoiding an unpleasant odour;
  • do not place the bouquet next to ripe fruit because fruits accelerate the wilting of flowers.


We consider the florarium to be the most authentic way of decorating a window sill with the help of plants. In a glass container, multi-coloured earth, sand and drainage layers are visible, and the colourful composition of favourite plants and decor rises from above. 

To build flerovium with your own hands, you will need:

  • glass vessel of any shape;
  • plants (slow-growing, such as cacti or succulents are best)
  • drainage (gravel, pebbles, expanded clay);
  • soil with special fertilizers suitable for flowers;
  • decorative elements: stones, small twigs, shells or other little things.

Step-by-step algorithm of actions:

  1. Prepare the vessel and plants – remove damaged or diseased leaves.
  2. Pour drainage at the bottom, then soil and fertilizers. The more layers, the more beautiful the flerovium looks.
  3. Make a hole in the ground and plant the plants. 
  4. Decorate the composition with colourful elements to give it a natural character.
  5. Water the flowers carefully, being careful not to flood them with water.


This accessory is a decorative container without holes for placing a potted plant. The shape of the pots and their placement in the interior and on the balcony vary greatly. The vessel can be hung on ropes, placed on the floor or windowsill, and attached to the balcony.

Features of the pots:

  • heavy vessels balance the hanging plant types, preventing them from toppling over;
  • ease of replacing the pot if you want changes in the interior;
  • Protection of furniture in the room from moisture – excess water will remain in the vessel with excessive watering of the plant.

Greens in pots

Instead of flowers, you can put several types of your favourite greens on the window and grow them right in the kitchen. Basil, dill, parsley, green onions, mint, lettuce and other crops grow well at home. Remember that greens in pots need regular watering, good lighting and frequent ventilation.

Decor elements

You have compiled a list of many window opening options that do not require a considerable investment and are easy to adapt to each room.

Candles and candlesticks

They will add cosiness and warmth, and various aromas will fill the room with a unique atmosphere. The smell of caramel will make you feel hungry, and lavender has a calming effect. 

Be careful when placing candlesticks next to curtains. Also, make sure that the child is not alone in the room while the candles are on.


Since flowers are the most popular window sill design element, you need fancy vases that match the room’s overall style. 

The vase can be replaced with any glass vessel – bottle or glass. Fresh flowers look very delicate and will fit, for example, in a teenage girl’s room.


Many books immediately betray an intelligent and well-read person if, of course, they are not just a decorative item. In any case, you don’t have to be a book lover to complement the space with a few magazines or books with beautiful covers.


Bright lights do not have to be used to create a New Year’s atmosphere. They illuminate nearby objects beautifully, so they replace candles. 

A multi-coloured garland affects raising the mood and charges with positive energy. Yellow bulbs, on the other hand, add peace and comfort to the room.


Spectacular phrases in a variety of fonts motivate success and increase self-confidence if they are prominently displayed. You can print the quote on a printer or practice calligraphy and write lettering yourself. We suggest placing a sheet with a quote in a frame or hanging it on a mood board.


Things made with your own hands from scrap materials always remind you of valuable minutes spent with your family or of the exciting process of creativity. Do not hide your crafts in a closet – it is better to put them in a conspicuous place so that guests, family members or bystanders notice your talent.

Paintings and photos

Photos of relatives, friends, and family will remind you that you are not alone and loved and appreciated by your loved ones. Pictures, in turn, will add bright colours and mood to the room. Alternatively, you can create a landscape with your own hands, depicting what you would like to see in your room.


Unique items from different countries will help decorate the windowsill beautifully and make you plunge into memories from your travels. In addition, figurines from abroad will motivate you to visit other exciting places in the world.


How about a suggestion to build a cosy spot in the bedroom? To create a seating area on a window with a wide sill, you need a small mattress, a blanket, and fluffy pillows. Here it will be comfortable to read books, draw, watch in headphones how raindrops run down the glass or drink hot tea in winter, wrapped in a blanket.

Holiday decorations

Any holiday is an excellent excuse to begin decorating your home. There is a lot of space on the window and windowsill, so this is a suitable place to place accessories, which, moreover, will cheer up passers-by.

New Year

The approaching Christmas and New Year’s Eve signals that it’s time to update the autumn decor. It is replaced by green pine twigs and cones, garlands and sweets.

As an example of New Year’s decoration of a room, we suggest you create an aesthetic composition:

  • spread a white cloth or cotton wool on the surface, which will cover the surface of the window opening – this will be an imitation of snow;
  • in the centre, place a low artificial Christmas tree decorated with toys and garlands;
  • place figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden near it, as well as miniature gifts;
  • on the space of the white layer, place Christmas fakes, candles in the shape of fir or with cinnamon and cones, glass balls and other festive things;
  • Complete the composition with sparkles, snowflakes or artificial snow from a spray can.

St. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has long been associated with red and pink hues, hearts, and romantic confessions. This holiday is a great occasion to surprise your soulmate and make a romantic home decoration. Suitable decor for a window opening can be:

  • a photo of you and your spouse in a frame;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • rose petals;
  • valentines;
  • sweets;
  • a bouquet from a lover;
  • your couple’s memorabilia.


The eve of All Saints’ Day cannot be imagined without frightening scenery, original costumes and scary stories. If you love to celebrate Halloween, do not be lazy to decorate your home and prepare sweets for the arrival of children to maintain the festive autumn atmosphere.

You can decorate a large windowsill with pumpkins, with cut-out holes for the eyes and mouth. Candles are a must-have, which you can place inside the pumpkins to create a rich orange lighting effect. Also, hang figurines of bats, ghosts, or imitation spider webs.


On Sunday of Christ, the more colourful eggs and Easter cakes, the better. Use Easter elements in your window sill design. Place a basket with painted eggs on the surface, a few beads on a plate, a couple of rabbits, candles – and the festive decor is ready.

Finishing materials

Designers have come up with several techniques for making a window opening with various materials adapted to each style of an apartment.

Decorate with liquid stone

Artificial liquid granite is suitable for finishing both sharp and rounded surfaces. The stone can withstand temperature extremes, damage, chemicals. To decorate a granite window sill, you will also need dyes, fillers, cement and other additives.

Make decoupage

Suitable for decorating a narrow window sill, as in this case, less material and time will be consumed. The technique is based on glueing pieces of napkins or decorative paper with glue. The final result is cured with a water-based acrylic varnish.

Sheathed with wood and panels

The advantage of this method is structural strength, durability and a more expensive appearance. The most substantial types of wood are ash and oak.

Cover with ceramic tiles

Tiling is usually done in the kitchen. After deciding on the technique for placing the ceramics (parallel or perpendicular), you need to glue them to the surface with special glue. Plastic crosses are placed in small gaps, which can be removed after the glue has completely dried.

Ideas for different styles

Interior style plays a key role when choosing a window opening decor. It is necessary to proceed from the peculiarities of the desired direction to maintain the room’s overall design.


Provence is impossible to imagine without delicate textures, pastel colours and floral prints. If you like this design, you can introduce French motives in the form of decoupage into the living room. Natural plants in vases or pots will also fit into the atmosphere of Provence, filling the room with a sweet aroma.


This style combines convenience, minimalism and manufacturability, so in this case, the abundance of decor will be inappropriate. You can put several modern appliances on a high-tech windowsill: a clock, a lamp or a music column. The most crucial thing is to keep the window closed when it’s raining.


The brutal loft style will be complemented by a window sill, sheathed with wood or made of metal, which will emphasize the industrialism of the interior. Suitable accessories:

  • Pop art paintings and photographs
  • Figurines made of iron and various types of wood
  • Additional lighting


The patchwork direction is suitable for creating decor because it practically does not imply any restrictions. The main principle of the style is a combination of multi-coloured patches or pieces with an original pattern. 

Alternatively, you can finish the surface with printed ceramic tiles, mosaics or, conversely, sew pillows from different pieces of fabric for a cosy corner.

How to decorate a windowsill outside from the street?

You’ve looked at many ways to decorate a window sill inside your home. Is it possible to somehow refine it from the outside?


Some plants bloom well only in the fresh air so that you can plant them in flowerpots on the windowsill. A perfect solution would be to select plants that will match the colour of the window wound or the house’s walls.

Festive decor

You can implement the idea with a New Year’s composition; build it on the outside of the windowsill. It would be best to have pine twigs, which need to be supplemented with toys and bright garlands. Similarly, you can repeat the decor on the eve of other holidays.


Decorating a room is a fascinating process when, as a result, a suitable atmosphere and a cosy atmosphere are created in which it is pleasant to be. As you can see, there are many ways to improve the window opening at a low cost. We hope these ideas inspired you, and soon the window sills in your home will be transformed. 

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