It’s one thing to furnish or to decorate a living room or a bedroom and a whole different case when a nursery room is involved. All of a sudden the perspective changes and all sorts of cute things come to mind. But cuteness is not all it takes to decorate a nursery. You also have to think of the practical side. For instance, you need to figure out the storage needs and capacity of the room and whether you need a large nursery closet organizer or just a few simple shelves. You also have to take into consideration other aspects such as the ambiance in the room, the overall layout and, of course, the balance between looks and function.

You can’t really have a nursery without toys. After all, it’s a nursery. But where will you keep all the toys? Some can be displayed on a shelf but you’ll quickly realize that a storage box can come in really handy too. You don’t need anything too fancy. Just a simple wooden box would suffice. If you want, you can line it with fabric so it looks cuter and more kid-friendly. It’s a simple project and you can find out all about it on Farmfreshtherapy.

For the things that you want to put on display you could use a floating shelf. And since it’s such a simple thing to do, there’s no need to go searching for one in stores. Just go get yourself a piece of wood, a hammer, some nails, glue, a drill and some screws and you can have it done in just a few minutes. You can also paint the shelf if you want. Feel free to customize it in any way you want.

It may not seem like there’s a lot to store in here at first but what starts out as just a few little toys and two or three story books quickly becomes a whole pile of things that need to be stored somewhere. Be a visionary and craft some storage bins from the start. They can look like these ones that we found on farmfreshtherapy. They’re cute and simple and they let you organize everything from toys to books and even clothes.

Not all shelves have to look like a simple line. They can also take other forms like, for instance, this cute house-shaped shelf featured on burkatron. It looks really cute and it can be put together in just a few minutes. You’ll need some wood pieces, a saw to cut them with, a tape measure, a hammer, a few small nails and some wood glue. When you’re done putting the shelf together, you can also paint it.

Wine crates aren’t exactly the thing you’d want to put in a nursery room unless they’re empty and turned into box shelves or storage bins. Wondering how that transformation would go like? Check out Adelerotella for some inspiration. You’ll find out that the project is really simple. Go ahead and clean the boxes and then give them a good sanding. After you can stain or paint them. If you only paint the bottom panel then the box shelves will gain some depth and they’ll look really chic and trendy.

You can find all sorts of cute ways to store and display things in the nursery room. So once you’re done with the big things like the crib, the changing table and the comfortable armchair, focus on the details. Perhaps you’d like to use some cute little baskets to store the baby’s clothes or toys. You can have them placed in a corner or anywhere you can find some space.

Headbands look really cute on babies and you can never have too many. But where should you keep them all? If you’re proud of your collection, display all the headbands by hanging them with little clothespins from a piece of twine. They can stand above the crib, under a shelf or pretty much anywhere else you can find some free space.

For things like the diapers, wipes and toiletries you should try using a kitchen cart. Ikea has this RÅSKOG utility cart that would be perfect for the job. Repurpose it into a piece for the nursery and go with a color that matches the rest of the decor. You could put it in a corner or next to the changing table so you can always have everything you need close at hand and ready.

Another thing you can do to make your nursery more practical and function is hang a wire rack under a mirror or a shelf and use it to store and organize the baby’s shoes or other accessories such as headbands, scarfs and other things. You can also have some hooks underneath for clothes, tiny backpack and similar stuff.

For toys and books you can use a cute little shelving unit. It should be a low unit so the baby can go ahead and grab the toys and play with them. The unit doesn’t have to be big. It can fit next to the crib and it can hold a few other things on top of it. {found on hellobabybrown}

Peg boards are really great and you’d expect to see them in offices, on hallways or in craft rooms. However, the nursery room could use something like this too, especially with so many little things that need to be organized somehow. You can have the peg board installed on a wall and you can have little bins, hooks and shelves attached to it. If you’d like to find out how you can craft something like this yourself, head over to Joyfullymad.

All those cute little baby shirts need to be stored somewhere but they’re so cute and little that you probably don’t want to just throw them all inside a cabinet or to put them in a drawer. Since regular cabinets are too big for them, you could have the tiny hangers organized on a rod under a wall-mounted shelf. This idea comes from Apartmenttherapy. We think it’s ingenious and really easy to apply.

Kids grow up so fast, especially when they’re babies. You don’t even realize when they grow out of their old clothes and need new bigger ones. You need to be prepared because this happens every few months. Here’s a great trick on how to organize the clothes according to their size. It comes from Susieharrisblog and it involves some really cute clothes dividers. For the other things like shoes and other accessories, you can use a shoe organizer with pockets.

Organizing a nursery closet is not easy. Sure, everything is cute and tiny but there are so many things that need to fit in there that this all thing becomes a bit overwhelming. No worries though, we’re here to help. Check some tips related to this that we found on Boxwoodclippings. They involve storage boxes, rods, shelves, baskets and tiny hangers.

Baby girls have tons of cute accessories. So what if instead of hiding them in drawers and boxes you’d display them as part of the decor? A cute idea is to put them all in transparent glass jars or containers or to wrap them around some bottles. You can use this as a starting point and find more inspiration later on. {found on projectnursery}.

Shelves and bins make a good duo, especially when it comes to things like toys and books which are part of every nursery’s decor. We suggest checking out Projectnursery for a nice idea regarding how you can combine these two things. The cubbies and shelves featured here have chic black and white bins that keep all the little things.

If you have a baby then you probably also have a bunch of clothes that are several sizes too big because, well, everyone does. So what do you do with all these clothes? You could just them put them at the back of the closet or you could display them nicely on hangers. But for a really good organization you’ll also need some dividers. Once again, you can find an inspiring idea regarding this on Projectnursery.

Keeping stacks of baby clothes in drawers is a nice way of organizing them but you’ll find out soon enough that the system gets messy and you end up finding at some point some brand new clothes that are already too small to be used. Avoid that by adopting a better organization system. Basically the idea is to stack the clothes vertically so you can see them all, not just the one at the top of the pile. {found on projectnursery}.

Once again, we encourage you to put a pegboard in your nursery room. They’re great for organizing the little things that usually get forgotten in drawers but they also have the ability to become a beautiful part of the room’s decor. They’re not just for storage. You can also use them to display things like cute pictures of your baby or some of their favorite toys and accessories. {found on projectnursery}.

The changing table is an important part of a nursery’s interior design but even more important than the table itself is to have everything nicely organized. We’re talking about things like diapers, wipes and toiletries that need to stay well organized and close at hand so you can quickly and safely get the job done. Use bins to store and organize them and keep them open so you don’t have to struggle the thing you need right there on the spot with a baby in front of you.

It’s not a secret that baby shoes always get lost and that they’re hard to store and organize. Still, this doesn’t mean the job is impossible to do. In fact, we may have found the perfect solution for the problem. The suggestion comes from projectnursery. It involves a tension curtain rod and some simple curtain clips. You can put this up anywhere you want.

You can also use drawers to store and organize things like shoes, new clothes and other baby stuff. However, if the drawers are deep than things can get lost and cluttered so instead you might want to opt for shallow drawers instead that don’t really give you the option to stack things to place items one on top of the other.

The blankets and other similar things could be nicely stored in a vertical shelving unit. If you have a lot of them you can organize them based on color, thickness, fabric and other criteria. Vertical storage units are also useful in other situations so it’s up to you to decide whether or not this idea featured on blogspot suits your idea of a perfect nursery room decor or not. {found on cradic}.

Those cute little outfits that your baby has already grown out of don’t have to be thrown away. You can keep some as memories and you can even turn them into decorations for the nursery room. For instance, get some large frames and remove the glass. Cover the back panel with fabric of paper and then display the clothes inside the frame. It’s a really cool idea and it comes from projectnursery.

If your nursery has a closet then you can probably use it to pretty much store all the important things in there. As for the little things like toiletries, shoes or accessories, these can be kept in boxes or in wire bins attached to the back of the closet door. It’s a really nice way to save space and to stay organized. Check out Theavidappetite for more ideas like this one.

Monograms and decorative letters are a nice option if you want to personalize the walls of the nursery room. And to make things are more special and unique, you can customize the letter using toys. The project is really fun and really simple. Get a wooden letter frame, fit some small toys inside and glue them in place if needed. You might be able to make them stay there without the need for glue. Find out more about this on Thethingsshemakes.

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