If you were to take out all the furniture in your living room right now, would you put back in the same exact way that it is now or would you opt for a different living room layout this time around? Before you answer that question have a look at some of these furniture arrangements and see if they give you any ideas you can use in your own home.

A typical living room layout would include a sofa and a few extra chairs, usually for guests. They’d all be facing the coffee table. That usually works because it’s a flexible and versatile arrangement. Of course, there are lots of ways to spruce it up with accessories.

Not the type to entertain a lot of have many guests? Then create a cozy and intimate living room. Focus on comfort and get a small sofa to save some space. A single accent chair should be enough.

Keep some distance between the sofa and the armchairs to give each person some privacy but make you maintain a sense of harmony throughout the space. Also, everyone should have easy access to the coffee.

L-shaped layout suit the living room well as they take advantage of the corner spaces. An L-shaped sectional is a good alternative to the typical sofa and armchair combo as it establishes a simple and continuous decor.

Three coffee tables are better than one… in come cases at least. This is actually a nice way to spice up an otherwise ordinary and very simple living room setup. Also, you can draw more attention to the center of the room this way.

If you want to turn your living room into a flexible and welcoming gathering space for all your guests, one sofa isn’t going to be enough. You can have two sofas facing each other with some extra seating in between and at least a pair of coffee tables at the center and that should work out just fine.

Occasional seating for the living room can come in the form of benches, poufs or ottomans. It would be nice if you can stack these when they’re not needed or if you could find other uses for them.

Having a singular coffee table in the living room is definitely the norm but that doesn’t mean you have to follow this pattern. We find the idea of having multiple small accent tables wonderful. It’s definitely very practical when you’re entertainment as you can spread the tables around the room.

This is a living room that can accommodate a lot of people at once. You can consider such a layout if you have a large family or you find yourself entertaining a lot. Of course, this setup is best if your guests prefer to sit down and relax rather then move around a lot.

A setup such as this one offers plenty of flexibility plus it also looks super cozy and welcoming. You can easily rearrange the furniture as needed depending on the activities you’re planning and the number of guests involved.

Some layouts are just great no matter what. This living room can be both very cozy when you’re home alone or vibrant and glamorous when it’s filled with guests. It’s also pretty spacious and has a high ceiling which is important in this case.

Curves and soft textures are known to make decors warm and welcoming. This setup seems perfect for a small living room. It’s simple, quirky and quite versatile. The ottoman can turn into an extra seat and the sofa can accommodate a variable number of guests.

Speaking of small living rooms, check another setup that’s as cozy as it is stylish. The sofa is the main furniture piece but it’s the accent details that stand out the most, like the wall-mounted shelves or those end tables.

Priorities are important when deciding the furniture arrangement for a space. If you want this to be your private home cinema then make sure the sofa and the TV are perfectly aligned.

It’s pretty cool how this living room looks like it has two sofas when in fact it has a large sectional. The area rug is a good delineator for the entire seating area and the fact that the coffee table contrasts with everything else around it is a fresh little detail.

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