Centerpieces are the focal point of the party decor whether it’s a housewarming party, a holiday celebration or just a special dinner. That’s actually common knowledge since we basically call them “centerpieces”. The possibilities are endless so today we’ll focus on a single category: wood centerpieces. We’ll check out some DIY ideas and some designs that make good use of this material in the hopes that they’ll inspire your next dining room table centerpiece design or tea party decor.

We’ll start with a scalloped planter box centerpiece which has a very cute and rustic look. This particular one is made out of barn wood but you should feel free to use any resources that you have. In addition to the wood you’ll also need glue, screws and sandpaper. After you’ve gathered all the supplies, cut the boards according to the instructions from prettyhandygirl and print the template for the scallop. After that, trace the pattern onto the boards and cut again. Then it’s just a matter of putting all the pieces together.

A wood centerpiece doesn’t necessarily have to be a planter per se. A similar but at the same time distinct possibility is to take a wooden box and to fill it with a selection of things which can include a few fresh flowers (or a bouquet), some candles and perhaps even some fruit as shown here on brownbunnyflowers. The possibilities are very numerous so pick the elements that you find most suitable in this case.

A similar centerpiece idea which is really nice for a bohemian wedding is offered on stylemepretty. This time the wooden box is filled with various types of flowers and looks very cute and chic. You can make something similar anytime and for all sorts of events, both formal and more casual.

A centerpiece doesn’t have to be small although it’s nice to have plenty of room on the table for other things as well. In case you’d prefer a wood centerpiece more like the one we found on sophiasdecor, you should know that crafting something like this from scratch is still pretty easy although you’ll need a few more materials.

When it comes to table centerpieces, a nice idea is to create something that’s not just beautiful but also practical in some way. A good example is the idea suggested on makeit-loveit where the centerpiece is a wooden box which holds four glass jars turned into herb planters. That’s actually quite clever. If you ever need fresh herbs they’re there for everyone to take some.

There are a lot of different variations of the wood centerpiece box/ planter so we’ll have a look at some today but you should always feel free to come up with your own designs and ideas. We found these pretty centerpieces on weddingchicks and we really like how fresh they look.

Here’s another lovely variation, this time from prettypetals. The container seems to be in this case a small wooden drawer. It even has two knobs at the front. We like its worn, vintage look. It’s something that you can replicate using only a bit of sandpaper. You can then simply fill it with flowers, real or faux.

A rustic centerpiece can look something like this: a wooden box filled with leaves, flowers, some pillar candles and a few berries or maybe some pine cones as well. The idea is to use seasonal items so this design from jenkinskidfarm seems like a great autumn centerpiece idea.

Of course, the centerpiece design can also be a bit more specific. For instance, on theidearoom we found this nice Thanksgiving table centerpiece idea which basically involves a wood box, some candles, tiny pumpkins and some berries. It’s not overly complicated but it’s not too simple either.

Looking for something small and chic? How about this cute wood centerpiece featured on stylemepretty? The box looks like something that you could put together yourself out of some scrap pieces or leftovers from other projects. You can simplify the design if you want to and if you’re using fresh flowers you could put a floral sponge inside to keep them fresh for a long time.

Let’s check out yet another lovely variation of the wood centerpiece idea. This one comes from ruffledblog and is designed for a garden wedding. It is, however, quite customizable and versatile. As you can see, the main element is the wood box. The candles play an important role as well, being equal to the flowers in this sense.

It could be nice to set a theme for the centerpieces and the rest of the decor. If it’s a wedding celebration or a Valentine’s Day party, perhaps you could be inspired by this love-themed design from stylemepretty. There’s not much to it in terms of design. You can handwrite whatever you want on the wood box but “love” seems like the perfect choice here.

Let’s now review a few wood centerpiece ideas that focus on something other than flowers. One of them comes from themerrythought and is a wooden geometric cheese block. Doesn’t it look cool? To make something like this you need a big chunk of wood, preferably a dried out log. Cut it with a saw and then gradually give it a geometric form. Make adjustments as you go and then use a sander to smooth out the sides and the edges.

Speaking of wood logs, check out this awesome table centerpiece that we found on sweetpeachblog. It’s exceptionally beautiful but in order to create something similar you first need to find a log with openings in it. The older, the better. the idea is to fill these holes with plants and succulents.

There’s one more centerpiece involving logs that we’d like to show you today. It’s something that we found on thesweetescape. This is basically a group of stump sections which have been used as bases/ pedestals for candles and bottlebrush trees. It seems like a lovely idea for a Christmas centerpiece.

How about a wooden crate filled with fresh flowers? That could look lovely on the table too. You can put together such a centerpiece using wood dowels and paint stir sticks. Cut and prep the pieces, attach the paint sticks to the dowels and assemble the base and then the sides using glue to keep the parts together. At the end, assemble the crate. You can make it big enough to keep one or two mason jars filled with flowers inside. Find more details on build-basic.

What if you don’t want flowers on your table? Well, then you’re still left with an infinity of possibilities regarding the design of the table centerpiece. Check out this Nordic-style design from francoisetmoi for example. It’s really simple and quite charming too. The best part: you only need a piece of reclaimed wood, a drill and some candles to make something similar.

Another cool idea is to have a wood box as a centerpiece and to fill it with fresh fruits and veggies. Perhaps you’d like to make something that looks like this. We found this project on housefulofhandmade. The project is quite simple and there are many different ways in which you can personalize it.

We absolutely love wood centerpieces that involve logs. They’re always unique and have a nice zen look. That’s one of the reasons why we like this project from womaninreallife so much. The base here is a wood log which has been cut flat at the top. Pebbles are used to keep it stable on the table. There are holes in it which are filled with tea light candles and a tiny flower vase.

The succulent planter featured on kj is another one of our favorites. The wood centerpiece box can be easily put together out of reclaimed boards or leftover pieces and can be stained or even painted, depending on your preferences. Then it’s all pretty straight-forward: you fill the planter with soil, succulents and a nice layer of pebbles at the top.

We’d also like to show you this rustic wood centerpiece that we found on lizmarieblog. It has these cute twine handles on the sides and although that may seem like a pretty insignificant detail it’s a detail that matters a lot. Feel free to decorate your centerpiece with whatever you like, not just pillar candles and greenery.

Finally, check out these rustic wooden pumpkins. Yes, the design is pretty abstract, we admit that but we still think these would make lovely centerpieces. This is what you need if you want to make something like this: unfinished wood blocks, wood spools, wood glue, craft paint, sisal wire and burlap.

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