Original architectural features bring history and stunning individuality to a home in spades. Just about everybody swoons at a place that harbours these preserved special little treasures – but what about when you’re in love with modern day home style, is it safe to meld the two? Yes, say these three home designs by Sergey Klochkov. The combination of contemporary furniture, modern home accessories and quirky accents only gain in impact when set against a traditional backdrop. Embrace every bit of decorative crown moulding, intricate boiserie, heavy wainscotting and deep architrave, and see how to create your very own and extra special version of modern meets traditional home style.

Apartment number one resides in St. Petersburgh, with a total area of 78 square metres. The ceiling has beautiful original plaster coving around the inset of the ceiling. To draw attention to the architectural detail, a bespoke shelving unit has been fitted into the alcove directly below it, causing the eye to travel up over the display and ultimately meet with the ceiling detail. The cubic design in the side supports of the shelf unit also reflects the square perimeter of the ceiling feature, whilst a nearby wall clock matches the intricacies of the moulding pattern itself.

Down at ground level, a modern accent chair and sofa keep the look crisp and colourful.

The unique coffee tables add a weighty base note to proceedings, and appear as a continuation of the monochrome shelf art.

The rest of the open plan living room is light and bright, with white walls and light wood accents.

The window drapes have a stunning frill feature that spans the ages. They are plain coloured and modern in their makeup but give a nod to the frilly fashions of years gone by. The frivolous finish is superbly suited to the highly ornate scrolled ceiling moulding above them. Decorative vases on the console and coffee table provide clean sharp silhouettes so that the scheme does not appear overdressed.

Indoor plants are timeless home accessories. The simple design of this petite gold floor lamp too could be of another time.

The dining table chair combination has a somewhat eclectic look, due to the mixed nature of woodtone and black leather chairs around white marble.

Beneath sparkling wine glasses, the classic marble matches the hue of the curtains.

Stunningly intricate boiserie lines the sides of a hallway. At the end, a flat white modern door with a white door handle almost disappears into a featureless skimmed wall. A wooden bookcase has been recessed into the end wall to add a modern focal point. Ceiling track lighting highlights the 3D element of the traditional walls, whilst hidden LEDs brighten the contents of the shelving unit.

The ornate walls look like the sides of a wedding cake, standing proud in royal icing. To counterbalance the swirling frames, a linear wooden feature wall has been added in the entryway.

The artwork here is modern and monochrome.

The bedroom contains a sumptuous mix of materials. The headboard has a dual material design of warm wood tone under a fabric section, where a modern wall sconce is mounted directly onto the padded section.

Blue bed covers cool down the warm palette of the room.

The pattern on the headboard fabric complements the design of the crown moulding. A piece of modern art emphasises the split paint effect of the room.

A modern pendant light hangs from the centre of an original large ceiling rose. A unique teapot adds a traditional twist to breakfast in bed.

A modern dressing console is teamed with a classic looking leather bedroom chair.

Geometric is a modern trend but this table finished in gold lends itself to well to a classic or contemporary scheme.

Chic marble adorns an all contemporary bathroom.

A small hanging space keeps clothes from becoming crumpled on the bathroom floor.

A neat shelf holds a few essentials and soap dispensers.

Apartment two, also in St.Petersburgh offers up some more gorgeous original features.

Modern curtains descend directly from behind traditional coving.

Super modern furniture is placed in direct proximity to ornate wall decorations.

Deep blue fur covers one section of the modern sofa.

A huge boiserie frame is highlighted by an inlay of bright pink to match the pink kitchen. The tone works vivaciously with the surrounding finery.

Extending high from a slender planter, leaf shapes naturally complement the cut of the coving.

Thoughtfully placed lighting highlights the homes best features.

A neat and timeless dining pendant light anchors a modern dining set in place.

To avoid damage to the original wall, a perspex shelf stand provides a landing spot.

A wall of ovens are recessed to keep the profile of kitchen cabinetry to a minimum.

Apartment number three, located in Moscow, is a lavish mix of traditional architecture with contemporary art and modern home style over 86 square feet.

The depth and breadth of ceiling moulding here is unmissable, so the modern part of the interior design goes all out in fighting for some of the glory.

Strong blue accents appear throughout, in the window blinds, the sofa table and in kitchen accessories…

… Even in neon lights.

A blue table lamp adorns a very upmarket breakfast bar that stands on golden legs. Three entirely different designs of bar stool surround it.

Above the white kitchen is a gold leaf ceiling.

The gold ceiling has an LED inlay that lights its outer frame of coving.

The spread of this fantastic ceiling rose is matched by a modern ceiling light.

It’s difficult to decide where to let the eye rest in the cornucopia of design that resides within this meandering hallway. An unusual rug tries to coax the eye downward from the highly layered crown moulding. Propped casually by the architrave, a tall example of modern art joins the fight for attention, before you notice a quirky monkey wall sconce climbing down the centre of the wainscotting. A subtle colour palette prevents the lively scheme from becoming overwhelming.

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