How to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 2

Picture of a Kawaii Squishy PooHow to Clear 520 Things of Clutter – Week 2. How did you go the first week – clearing clothes? I managed to clear 10 items which are being donated to the op shop, while some others will be ‘traded in’ for a voucher from H & M. Altogether in the household, we cleared 30 items of clothing in total. For every new one purchase of clothing, from now on I will still try to clear two pieces of clothing, but at least one.

Ready for the next instalment of clearing 10 things of clutter for the week? I have found the 520 Things Tally Sheet really helps to keep me motivated. Download it and keep it handy.

For Week 2, the next place to clear is … the Bathroom. I thought to try and keep it quite general these first few weeks and later make it more specific. For clearing 10 items from the bathroom, I’ll be looking at finding ways to use up nearly finished products that I probably won’t buy again, discarding old makeup and sponges, maybe old nail polishes that have become gluggy – that type of thing. Everyday staples like toothpaste, cotton buds, etc are exempt! If you have many items to use up, at least make a start and a point of trying to use them up and in a few weeks, there will be another Bathroom Things of Clutter to Clear. At the same time of trying to clear the clutter, try not to be wasteful.

I found once that a shampoo really gave me a headache from the fragrance left on my hair all day, so I used it to wash an area outside and cleaning plant pots ready for re-potting. If this is also why you are holding onto items, consider ways to use up the product so it is still useful and you don’t feel like it has been wasted. Clear the Clutter economically too! I also did a deal with someone once – I liked a nail polish that they had on (which was discontinued). I bought them lunch and they gave me the rest of bottle. You could try the reverse if anyone is keen on any discontinued products you have.

I have also sold discontinued perfumes for probably are much as I paid for them. I liked them at the time, (or were gifts and I never really liked) but for whatever reason, no longer wore that fragrance and I was surprised at the amount of people willing to purchase (and some really grateful if they were crazy over the perfume and couldn’t get it any longer).

Have a Great Week.