If you own a leather jacket, you should know that it is definitely a good fashion accessory to have since leather is a classic staple in fashions that has survived through the ages. All you have to do is look at beautiful examples of women wearing leather attire and you will know the truth of what we mean. The same can be said about men looking really dashing and leather while wearing leather. However, if you are buying leather, you have to know that it is not an inexpensive attire to invest in. It also means that you have to be prepared to know the best ways to style leather to the best advantage. for that to happen you have to learn about leather and the role it plays in fashion. What is more, you will also have to learn about the ways in which you can keep the leather soft and supple so that you enjoy wearing as much as people enjoy looking at you wearing it.

leather jacket

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Here we go, with some simple tips so that you know how to clean and soften your leather jacket:

Understand what leather is all about: You have to realize that leather in essence is the skin of an animal and thereby like our skin, it needs cleaning, moisturizing and conditioning like our skin does.

leather jacket cleaing with a fiber towel

Use a micro fiber towel: The first step is to use a towel that has micro fibers when you are dealing with your leather jacket in order to clean it and soften it. This is the best way to ensure that you do it the right way.

Apply conditioner: You get special leather conditioners and you will need to apply this softly and carefully using the micro fiber towel so that it gets slowly and gently absorbed into the leather of the jacket. You need to use gentle and firm strokes with the towel to ensure that this happens.

crumpling leather jacket

Crumple with hands: Once you are sure that the conditioner is applied all over the leather jacket, then you need to bunch bits of the leather between your fingers and gently crumple it to ensure that the conditioner really gets in and that too evenly. Leather tends to have nooks and crevices and this step will ensure better absorption of the conditioner.

Repeat the conditioner: Once you know that the conditioner is completely absorbed, then it is time to apply another layer of conditioner. This is to ensure that the conditioner is well applied and absorbed.

hair dryer on leather jackets

Use hairdryer at medium heat: Now comes the delicate process of drying the conditioner on the jacket. Do ensure that you pick out a dryer that has adjustable heat to ensure that the leather is not badly affected. Also make sure that you keep a distance of 6 inches between the dryer and the jacket to ensure that the heat does not spoil the texture of the jacket due to over application or too close an application of heat.

rub down on leaher jackets

Final rub down: This time use a micro fiber towel that has no conditioner in it. Rub gently to ensure that jacket has no overt signs of the conditioner. You need to do with a gentle and firm motion to ensure that the leather jacket glows with a gentle sheen and is soft to the touch.

There you go, wasn’t it simple?

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