Luxy Hair extensions are available in 14 beautiful shades, ranging from pure black all the way to light, ashy blonde. While many more hair colors exist in the world than just 14 shades, Luxy Hair extensions are specially dyed to ensure that each shade blends in with a range of hair colors, even if it’s not a perfect match: The secret? Our multi-tonal adapt coloring system. 

Have you ever noticed that your hair color looks different under certain lights? This is because everyone’s hair color is made up of two chemicals: one which makes your hair dark, and one which makes your hair light. If you have dark hair, you will have more of the dark hair chemical, but small trace amounts of the light hair chemical, giving your hair undertones that come through in the sunlight.

If you take a close look at each shade of Luxy Hair extensions, you will see that each color is not just consist of strands of one color. In fact, you may see light hair strands in darker shades like Off Black, and dark hair strands in lighter shades like Dirty Blonde. This color range in hair strands gives each shade dimension and depth, making the hair look “alive” – like your natural hair. If our, say, Dirty Blonde wefts were made up of thousands of hair strands of the same color, the extensions would look very flat, and noticeably fake. 

Now that we’ve gotten through the science of how you ended up with your natural hair color, here’s how to choose your perfect shade of Luxy Hair extensions to ensure that your new extensions blend seamlessly in with your hair. 

1. Jet Black

Jet Black is our darkest shade, and is a pure black color. This shade is comparable to if you went to the hair salon and had your hair dyed black. Jet Black has cool, blue undertones, similar to the always lovely Veronica from the Archie comics!

Luxy Hair Extensions: Jet Black

2. Off Black

Off Black is a warmer toned, more natural shade of black. Off Black still reads as a black shade, however, it has warm, brown undertones that usually come through under sunlight. If your hair usually looks black but looks dark brown in the sun, your perfect match is likely Off Black. 

Luxy Hair Extensions: Off Black

3. Mocha Brown

Mocha Brown is our darkest shade of brown with warm, red undertones. This color is a noticeable brown color, unlike Off Black.

Luxy Hair Extensions: Mocha Brown

4. Dark Brown

Dark Brown is a sophisticated, mid-tone brown shade, that blends with most brown hair colors. If your hair is not quite as dark or red toned as Mocha Brown, Dark Brown is likely the shade for you.

Luxy Hair Dark Brown

5. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown looks just like how it sounds – rich and delicious, just like chocolate! Chocolate Brown is a medium brown shade and has hints of red and golden undertones.

Luxy Hair Extensions: Chocolate Brown

6. Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Brown is our lightest shade of brown, and looks like, you guessed i – golden-brown chestnuts. Chestnut Brown is a gorgeous, warm brown shade with caramel and honey undertones. Still not sure? Check out our girl Gigi Hadid’s gorgeous Chestnut Brown locks below.

Luxy Hair Extensions: Chestnut Brown

7. Dirty Blonde

Moving into our blonde colors, Dirty Blonde is our darkest shade of blonde. Dirty Blonde is a natural, dark blonde shade with hues of wheat throughout. Dirty Blonde gets its name because it looks like blonde hair that has been darkened by dirt, but you can be rest assured that Dirty Blonde Luxies look anything but dirty! This shade is usually worn by our lovely friends Karin and Elanna.

Luxy Hair Extensions: Dirty Blonde

8. Bleach Blonde

Bleach Blonde is our second lightest shade of blonde. This is a bright blonde shade with warm, golden undertones. If you were to go to the hair salon and have your hair bleached, this is likely the color that would result. Check out Gwyneth Paltrow’s perfect Bleach Blonde locks below!

Luxy Hair Extensions Bleach Blonde

9. Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde is similar to Bleach Blonde, however, with cooler white undertones. Compared to Bleach Blonde, it is not as golden, however, keep in mind that Ash Blonde is not platinum blonde, which is a silvery-blonde color. Check out Jennifer Lawrence’s perfect Ash Blonde locks below!

Luxy Hair Extensions Ash Blonde

10. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde is a blonde shade similar to Dirty Blonde, with red and golden undertones. Depending on how red or blonde your hair color is, Strawberry Blonde picks up on the undertones in your natural hair, leading to a beautiful, seamless blend. Isla Fisher and Blake Lively are perfect examples of Strawberry Blonde-haired beauties.

Luxy Hair Extensions Strawberry Blonde

11. Vibrant Auburn

Vibrant Auburn is our second red shade, which is a deeper hued red color. While Strawberry Blonde is a reddish-blonde shade, Vibrant Auburn is a reddish-brown shade with unique tones of sienna and firebrick throughout. Auburn haired actress Emma Stone’s hair color is perfect match for this shade!  

Luxy Hair Vibrant Auburn

12. Ombre Blonde

Ombre Blonde transitions from Dark Brown at the top to Dirty Blonde at the bottom. The transition begins about 11 inches down from the top, leaving about 9 inches of Dirty Blonde at the bottom. This shade is ideal if you either already have Ombre Blonde hair, or, if your natural hair color matches Dark Brown and you would like to add a pop of color at the bottom. 

Luxy Hair Ombre Blonde

13. Ombre Chestnut

Ombre Chestnut transitions from Mocha Brown at the top to Chestnut Brown at the bottom. The transition begins about 11 inches down from the top, leaving about 9 inches of Chestnut Brown at the bottom. This shade is ideal if you either already have Ombre Chestnut hair, or, if your natural hair color matches Mocha Brown and you would like to add a pop of color at the bottom. Mimi’s Luxy match is Ombre Chestnut, as shown below.

Luxy Hair Ombre Chestnut

14. Blonde Balayage

The newest addition to the Luxy color range – our Seamless Blonde Balayage is the perfect sun-kissed blonde shade, which gently transitions from Dirty Blonde at the top to Ash Blonde at the bottom. Unlike ombre, which is a quicker transition from dark to light, balayage is a technique which gives the hair a more gradual, natural color transition, starting higher at the top. This shade blends perfectly in our beautiful friends Alex Centomo and Sarah Nourse’s hair!

Luxy Hair Seamless Blonde Balayage

As always, if you are still unsure of which shade to choose, email a selfie to us at and we’ll be happy to help! 


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