How To Build a Storage Ottoman from Wood

Seating and storage – there never seems to be enough of either! Solve both problems with this ottoman container that you can make using basic tools. Start with a square board 40 cm by 40 cm. Using glue, attach a square of foam padding the same size. Place the square, foam side down, onto the fabric of your choice. Turn in the sides of the fabric and staple into place as shown.

Next, take two boards, 48 cm by 44 cm, stained the color of your choice and glue the padded piece to one of them. Make an open box using four boards measuring 44 cm x 44 cm, gluing each joint before it securely. Attach the remaining board that is 48 cm x 44 cm to form the bottom of the box, gluing and nailing this as well. Stain the entire piece and let it dry. Finally, attach four sturdy casters to bottom of the box, one near each corner. Turn it over and place the padded section on top with the plain side up, but do not nail it down. The ottoman is now ready to be used as a storage table. Flip the top board over with the padded side facing up and you have a convenient seat for extra family or friends!

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