Wearing a bathrobe is the definition of being pampered. Bathrobes replace a towel after a bath, they can be worn when you have house guests or when you are getting the paper. They can protect your clothing from make-up. Bathrobes are perfect for breakfast in bed. If you enjoy a relaxed Sunday morning reading the paper, a bathrobe is the perfect attire. Bathrobes are also perfect after a day at the beach/pool or for spa days. But can you be fashionable while wearing a bathrobe? The answer is yes.

Be Fashionable While Wearing a Bathrobe

Bathrobe Choices

Many cultures and eras had their own form or robe or bathrobe. Today’s bathrobe was inspired by the robes used at the spa baths of Europe. They come in many styles and fabrics. A popular choice is the fluffy terry cloth robe. The ever-popular waffle robe is thinner than terry but just as absorbent. White has always been a popular color for bathrobes. However, other fun colors and patterns are available. With all the comfortable and fun options, you can be fashionable wearing a bathrobe.

Be Confident

The main way to stay fashionable while wearing a bathrobe is to be confident. This is said all the time, regardless of the outfit, but it is really true. Confide in your unique look! Does the bathrobe you are wearing make you feel good about your appearance? Make sure to show it and you will notice that others will look at you the same way you look at yourself.

Do Your Hair

Having a fun, yet casual, hairdo can really add to the bathrobe look. A soft ponytail, a slouchy bun, a barrette or two behind the ear – all these are ideal hairstyles to wear. Or you can wear your hair half up and half down or in a braid. There are no rules, do what makes you feel you best.

Wear Sunglasses
Nothing says high fashion like a nice pair of sunglasses. Also, the juxtaposition between casual and dressy really completes the look. Wearing sunglasses after a day at the beach or the spa makes perfect sense. Wearing sunglasses with your bathrobe while getting the Sunday paper really makes you look like a movie star.

Wear Slippers
If you are wearing your robe for warmth or fashion, you will need slippers to complete the look. Slippers can be fun or high-end. There is nothing like getting out of bed and throwing on warm slippers and a robe. Lounge around all day and enjoy the simpler things in life.

Here are other fun and unusual ways to wear your new-found fashion accessory.

Girl’s Night

Have an adult slumber party or bridal shower. You can each get a monogrammed robe from a waffle spa robes wholesale. You can have matching robes for your party. Imagine yourself sipping champagne and eating cupcakes, all from the comfort of your bathrobe. Wouldn’t that be fun and fashionable in the same time?

Applying Makeup

If you are putting on makeup, a bathrobe is the perfect choice to protect your clothes and look fashion in the same time. No one wants either foundation on their silk blouse or coffee stains on the cocktail dress. Do you ever wonder how the rich and famous always look so flawless? No stains, no marks on their clothes. Well, now you have the answer.

Cook Apron-less
There is nothing like cooking and baking on a day off. Nothing says it’s my day off like a bathrobe. Keep your clothing odor- and splatter-free. Plus, you feel like you’re lounging the day away. Since most bathrobes can be easily machined washed, you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

For Men
Men too can look fashionable in bathrobes. They can use a bathrobe for all the same reasons as women. They can shave without wrinkling their shirt or without the fear of being cold. They can relax and drink their coffee and read the paper while wearing a bathrobe. Plus, a man in a bathrobe somehow seems more debonair.

No matter how you style or how you wear it, everyone can be fashionable while wearing a bathrobe. Pull out your slippers and shades, throw on your robe and lounge. You will have the best time while looking comfortable and stylish.

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