Are you one of those people who wants to be well-liked but do not know how to be go about getting there? First of all, those who become everybody’s favorite seem to have everything together and know what to do and how to behave in each situation. And the best aspect of doing and knowing all these things is that it all comes naturally to them. It never looks as if that person is making an effort but in reality, it would take some efforts and a lot of soul searching to be able to do that and become everybody’s favorite. While it is not as easy as getting to redefine your clothing and style with the colors theory but it is not that difficult either. To do this, there are two factors that are not negotiable; one of them being that you should want to do this genuinely and the second being that you should never let your true self go.

That means being comfortable with every aspect of who you are and not fidgeting too much over the details. If it means that you have to go with cheerful everyday look hairstyles for girls to achieve that casual but dressed look, then you should do that by all means. If you are one of those who lacks confidence because you are not too sure that you look your best at all times, then do take steps to develop a fashion sense from scratch.

Here are a few habits and personality traits you can develop in order to become everyone’s favorite:

Be well-informed: If you are a person that people can talk to about different topics that they find interesting, people will like talking to you and even seek you out for the interesting inputs you have about their favorite topic.

Good listening also helps: People enjoy hanging out with those who listens to what they have to say with a lot of interest and attention. But this cannot be faked and you really need to be sincere when you are listening or the other person would know you are faking it and dislike you for it.

Smile warmly: When a person smiles with warmth and genuine good nature, it warms those around you and this can be another step towards becoming everyone’s favorite.

Don’t indulge in backbiting: Talking something bad about someone behind their back has the bad habit of coming back to bite you and it also makes people distrust and dislike you.

Positivity also helps: Who does not want a positive and upbeat person around? Having a genuinely positive outlook can help you become the favorite of the people around you.

Do things for other because you want to: To become a favorite of those around you, you need to do things for them that they need but you will need to do this with zero expectations about how they will pay you back.

Have a unique personality: People adore being around people who don’t follow the norm and are comfortable in their own skin. This definitely does not mean you become a weirdo but that you enjoy your quirks and do not apologize for them.

Connect with others: When you are out there and feel that you need to talk to someone even if you don’t know much about them. This will make you a good person to have around and build a foundation for you becoming everyone’s favorite.

Do not be boastful: Nobody likes someone who is fortunate and popular and keeps showing off. It is best to be modest, humble but confident about what you have and the advantages you have been bestowed with.

Take chances: Nobody likes being around people who are reticent and unsure about doing anything. Do take chances in a confident way but without overstepping the line towards becoming reckless.

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