Do you have a friend or relative in your life that you wished lived nearer or that you could get to spend a lot of time with? We all wish we had someone who made us feel good about ourselves and made each day seem like a special occasion. Who wouldn’t love to be around an awesome person like that? We are sure being an awesome person would make the person not only loved but also popular and wanted. Then why not become the awesome person everybody wants to be around? And the best part is that you get to be with the awesome person at all times. And by awesome here, we do not just mean that one person who rocks every look like the one with easy and sexy ripped jeans outfits but goes beyond that. We are not saying that having good looks does not help, it does but only if the individual is also a great person to hang out with.

That is why we feel that along with learning how to rock the frilly dress, you also need to develop an attractive persona to ensure that people want to have you around. There are many aspects that we can work on like putting together attractive summer outfits for work but what we are going to talk about goes beyond all that.

Let us look at some of the aspects that you can genuinely work on in order to be awesome on the whole:

Some general aspects that you should work on:

Give out positive vibes: We know that it is easy enough to crib and be negative, which is what most people do. To ensure that you are awesome, keep away from doing this and promote positive vibes.

Stop badmouthing others: Another awesome characteristic that you should develop is to ensure that you don’t gossip about others in a negative way.

Appreciate and acknowledge: When you find something nice about someone else whether it is good service at a restaurant or a good job done, vocally appreciate and acknowledge with a note or a tip as appropriate.

Look good: By this we mean that you need to make an effort on your appearance as this shows others that you care what they think about you. Knowing that you look your best also ensures that you can promote positive vibes.

Be helpful: It helps to be flexible and adaptable when you are trying to develop an awesome personality and this can also make you more helpful to others. Just make sure that you do not become a pushover, though.

Don’t expect too much: What we mean by this is that when you have unrealistic expectations from the people and situations around you this can cause you and others a lot of unrest. It is best to manage expectations just right.

Be a positive addition to every occasion: People love those who can offer something constructive and solid for any situation. This may take some effort but it will pay off in a big way.

Let the music get you: One of the ways to become awesomely positive is to ensure that you treat your senses to the music of your choice. Ensure that you never miss an opportunity to jam anywhere any place.

Make time for peace: While everybody likes someone, who is alive with energy this can be a bit tiring at times. It is good to be quiet and be a good listener so that people find you calming as well as energizing.

Learn from what went wrong in the past: One of the best ways to become awesome is to make it a point to learn from past mistakes instead of repeating them again and again or letting them make you become bitter.

Stop thinking and do everything well: Sometimes we waste too much time thinking about things that are pointless and ignoring what needs to be done. and when we ultimately do something we try to do too much and compromise the quality. Instead it is better to think less and do what we have to in a better way.

Do not compare yourself with anybody else: The minute you start comparing what you are and what you have with others, you will lose any awesomeness you have as it can give rise to complexes and make you feel envious. A person who is happy with what they have and reconciled to what cannot be changed will be a person who can become awesome very easily when combined with the points we have made above.

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