When you put your mind to it, a lot of the things usually found in a home are items that you could actually craft yourself and we’re not talking about custom furniture which requires a certain level of skill but about other basic things including rugs. that’s right, you can actually make your own rugs from scratch or give existing ones a makeover to make your home more personalized and more like you. Below you can find 20 of our favorite DIY rug projects.

The first project we’ve chosen is a pom-pom rug. It’s more or less pretty self-explanatory and you obviously need a lot of yarn pom-poms for this rug so make sure you have everything ready and also that you have a pretty clear idea of how you want the rug to end up looking in terms of proportions and shape. Pick a few different colors that go well with the rest of the room or stick with a single nuance if you prefer something simple.

Next is a DIY rug that requires quite a bit of planning. You can find the tutorial for this Jelly Roll rug on lifewithjane18. In addition to the fabric you need cotton batting, an acrylic ruler, washable fabric marker, thread, clips or clothes pins, an iron and a sewing machine. This particular rug is oval in shape and has a cute pattern but you can obviously customize yours however you wish.

Check out this cute rag rug and its colorful design. It’s made out of old jeans and leftover cotton yarn and it’s a really cute project. You can find out more about it on mypoppet. You can make your rug as large as you want to and you can give it any shape you want but keep in mind that a bigger rug will require more pairs of jeans so be sure to approximate accordingly.

Another really cool DIY rug project that we love is featured on apairandasparediy. It’s a circular rope rug with a tarpaulin base that makes it waterproof. Apart from these two materials, all that’s needed to complete the project is a pair of scissors and liquid nails. First you roll a bit of rope into a spiral and you glue it onto the tarpaulin base. This will be the center of your rug. Continue to wrap rope around the spiral adding glue as you go. when you’re happy with the size of the rug, cut the rope and then trim the tarpaulin to size. It’s that simple.

For this DIY rug project which is featured on apieceofrainbow you need to build your own loom first. It’s actually quite simple and once you have the loom you can start to actually focus on the rug which is made out of a bunch of strips of old T-shirts. You can mix and match different colors and create all sorts of fun and unique patterns.

We know pom-pom rugs are super cute and you probably agree with us so here’s another lovely projects which shows you how to make one for your own home. This time the tutorial comes from livecolorful and the supplies needed for it include lots of colorful jumbo pom-poms, fabric in a solid color, glue, fabric shears, a ruler, a marker and either a sewing machine or a needle and some thread.

This is a woven rag rug made out of three king-size cotton bedsheets. If you want to make something similar you’re going to need a piece of cardboard roughly the same size as the rug that you want to make. In this case, a sheet measuring 23” by 43” was used. You’ll also need fabric scissors, masking tape, a marker and a ruler. Depending on the color or pattern of the sheets your rug will end up looking quite unique. Check out abeautifulmess for more details.

Did you know you can also crochet a cute and stylish rug with rope? Sure, it takes some time to do it but it ends up looking really cool and very chic and beautiful. You can learn the pattern on mamainastitch. It’s important to choose the right type of rope for this project if you want the pattern to come out right. It’s up to you to decide the dimensions of your rug. A bigger one requires more time and more rope to make.

It seems rope is a pretty popular material when it comes to DIY rugs, with different types suitable for specific designs and styles. The project featured on tidbits-cami shows you how to make a little rug with rope pieces lined up in a row, something which you can put outside or use as an entryway rug. The texture of the rope is a defining feature of this project.

Faux sheepskin rugs are soft and cozy and these ones are cloud-shaped and small which makes them really cute. It makes sense that they were designed for a nursery room but you can definitely adapt the idea and make some awesome faux skeepskin rugs for areas like the bedroom or even the living room. Check out lifeflix to find out how these cloud-shaped nursery rugs were made.

If you ever find yourself looking at a pile of old jeans and wondering what to do with them, ohohdeco has the perfect answer: turn them into a cool DIY rug. The size of the rug is directly linked to the size of the jeans you’re using. Also, you and mix and match different colors, textures and even different sizes. First you draw the pattern, then you cut out all the pieces and then you sew them together. You’ll be left with a circular hole at the center so keep some extra pieces of denim for that section.

Curious how this colorful rug was made? It’s all explained in detail on brit. First, let’s have a look at the materials and tools needed for this project. The list includes upholstery fabric, a rug mat, pins, scissors and a sewing machine. It’s all fairly simple actually and the best part is the customization opportunity. Check out the tutorial and tailor this project to suit your own style.

Maybe you already have a rug and you’d prefer to keep it. You can still customize your existing rug and this is an opportunity to change its look a bit to make it more original. One idea is to add tassels. These large tassels featured on earnesthomeco were made using black crochet yarn, a clipboard and scissors. It’s super simple and you can pick any color you like based on the color of your rug and the room’s decor.

The DIY rug featured on poppytalk is another one of those projects which require a loom but the good news is that you can make it yourself with little effort. In addition to the loom the supplies needed for this project also include 1cm cotton rope, medium yarn in various colors, a stick shuttle, a tapestry needle, a wooden comb and scissors. This isn’t the only pattern or combination of colors that you can create so be creative and come up with your own design.

A lot of DIY rug projects require you to either use a loom or a sewing machine and that can sometimes ruin the experience for certain people. That’s why this no-sew fabric rug featured on sailrite is such a cool project. To make this you need the following: fabric, a rubber floor mat, spray adhesive, water-based polyurethane, a paintbrush and scissors. It’s such a simple and versatile project and we love its simplicity.

You don’t need to choose a single technique when you’re making your own DIY rug, not if you’d rather combine several to create a truly unique design. For example, the rug featured on saraplath was made using rope, pom-poms, tassels and quite a few other things. It looks cool and it has a lot of character.

DIY rug projects using a stencil

Instead of adding color to your DIY rug by using different types of yarn, different materials or different techniques a simpler option is to make a plain and simple rug and to paint it using a stencil. It’s pretty fast and pretty easy and you can make the stencil yourself. Check out this Morrocan-style rug featured on the36thavenue and let it inspire you.

There’s also another nice project on thehandymansdaughter which explains how you can not only make a rug for yourself from scratch but also hand paint it to give it an interesting pattern and to add some color to your design. If you want to make a similar rug you’re going to need a drop cloth, fabric paint, large safety pins, tape and a foam brush.

There’s also the option to give an existing rug a makeover. You can use paint to create a geometric pattern using tape or you can use a stencil. It’s up to you to pick a style and a look that you enjoy and to make your rug look cool and special. You can even try something a bit more artistic if you prefer. Check out mountainmodernlife for inspiration.

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