When you are working from home, or if you have your own home business, you will be spending a lot of time working. However, just because your workspace is functional, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add some style to make it look better. It doesn’t have to look like something out of a glamor magazine but adding a few little details can make the space more bearable. Here are some ideas that you can add to your home office area.

Choose Your Space Carefully

If you haven’t chosen the location for your home office yet, then it is best to pick somewhere that can give you privacy. While you can technically work anywhere in your home, most of the time you will need something such as a printer or your computer. The best places to choose for a home office is a spare bedroom because it will be away from the main area of the house and should be quiet. It is also a free space that you can also adapt to keep as a bedroom for anyone that stays over. However, you don’t want to be putting yourself in a small cupboard or anywhere cramped as you will need to spend a lot of time there.

Think About the Furniture

The furniture is one of the first areas that you can let your creative side emerge. There are some stunning chairs that you can find that are also perfect for extended periods sitting down. Depending on the look you want to achieve, there are also some nice-looking desks that are both stylish and practical. Modern Digs has cool modern office desks that are large enough to accommodate all your paperwork and technology. If possible, you want to keep the same theme running through the whole office. That way, nothing will look out of place. If you need to add practical furniture like a spare bed, then try to think of ways that you can do it without losing too much space. One way is to get a folding bed that you can put away when no-one is staying around.

Start with a Blank Canvas

It can sometimes be difficult to imagine a new design in a room that is already decorated, especially if the decoration is far removed from what you like. This is why it is best to start with bare walls and then proceed from there. Strip off any wallpaper and add a base coat to any painted walls to remove any overpowering and intense color. Once you have done this, you will be able to see the potential in the room. It is also a good idea to sand down all the woodwork as this will inevitably need to be repainted as well. If there is any furniture that you are throwing out, then it is best to do this first. Not only will it give you more space to decorate, but it will also give you a better sense of where things will fit.

Adding Color to the Walls

The choice of color that you use for the walls depends on your personal preference. However, you might not want to paint anything too bright as it may be a distraction while you’re working. Think about the colors that will go well in the room; you also need to ensure that they will complement the new furniture. If the room is also to be used as a spare room, then you want to keep the décor slightly toned down to better cater for any taste. If you are unsure of the color you want, then start looking at the accessories and see if you can get any inspiration from them.

Fixtures and Fittings

Along with the furniture, your fixtures and fittings should also compliment the style of the room you are creating. For example, if you are looking to have an art deco style room, then you will need to choose a lamp, paintings, and ornaments that compliment this style. They don’t have to be original, there are some amazing reproduction brands around now. You don’t have to restrict the theme to your desk area, you can also add it as touches throughout the room. Think about side lights, ornaments, and chairs that you can add to extend the theme a little further.

The Practical Side

As well as thinking about the theme of your room, you also need to focus on the practical parts of the room. Does it have enough plug sockets for all of the technology you need? Does it have access to a phone line, so you can use the internet and make calls? To make this easier, you might want to set up a separate phone line to that room, so any calls are picked up by you. It will also allow you to add an answering machine, so you don’t lose calls while you are away. If you find that you don’t have enough plug sockets, then you will need to have added ones fitted.

Add a Personal Touch

It is your space and your office, so why not add a distinctive touch to your room? Place some of your favorite ornaments on your desk or on a side table to make it feel warmer and homelier. You should add some photos of your family that you can look at when you are lacking motivation or focus. You will also need plenty of storage in your office, but you don’t have to rely on old grey storage cabinets. Find something that will do the job just as well but is a little more in keeping with the room. Many storage cupboards have a lock on them, so security shouldn’t be an issue.

Don’t think of your home office as just a place to go and do your work. Think of it as a place where you can still have the style you want, but also a practical workspace that fulfills your needs.


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