We all know those places that remained in our minds because they had amazing-looking bathrooms. Whether it’s in a club, a restaurant, a hotel or someone’s home, a luxury bathroom always impresses. Surely, you must have thought about bringing that image into your own home. So what makes a bathroom look high-end and luxurious? There’s no simple answer to this question.

There are a lot of things you can do to give your bathroom a sophisticated and refined look. You can start by making it clutter-free. Make sure you hide the things that you don’t want to look at and that everything else is nicely organized. Your toiletries and things like the toothbrush, q-tips, cotton balls and napkins can stay in boxes or jars. Also, make sure you have a place for everything. Keep the hand towel on a ring next to the sink, the bath towel on a rod and the bathrobe on a hook. This will give the bathroom a polished look.

Enhance the decor of your bathroom by adding a mirror with personality
Stay away from chrome if you want to make your bathroom look sophisticated
It’s easier to achieve the high-end look if you opt for a style other than contemporary

Other changes can include using rugs instead of bathroom mats in order to give the space a more elegant look and to also add some pattern and color to the space. Contrasting textures would also have a similar effect on a bathroom’s decor so consider mixing and matching various materials and finishes. And speaking of materials, marble is a popular option for a lot of high-end bathrooms and kitchens so consider it as one of your primary materials. You can use marble in combination with other natural stone accents for a welcoming and peaceful ambiance.

Look for vanities with ornate designs, eye-catching forms or unusual colors or materials
A lot of fixtures and furniture pieces can impress through form
Instead of a simple wall mirror, consider something more dramatic

The overall ambiance is very important in a bathroom. Let’s say you want yours to create a resort-like feel or to have a spa-inspired look. In such a case you should consider using natural materials and simple finishes combined with green accents. Perhaps you could put some plants in the room or have some gravel or small stones on the floor, under the vanity or around the tub. It would also help to have a spacious bathroom with large windows. You can use dividers to separate the areas. Another cool thing you could include in the design is an accent wall which could be a waterfall or which could be made of rain glass or decorated with crystal beads.

Clawfoot bathtubs are always considered beautiful and refined so you can’t really go wrong with this
It’s often the frame of the mirror that matters the most so focus on that

A great view definitely helps elevate a decor so if you already have a large window in the bathroom make sure you turn it into a focal point. Alternatively, you can enlarge a window or make it stand out somehow. Skylights are also awesome and they make any space look sophisticated. In the bathroom, however, they’re excellent because they bring in natural light without compromising your privacy.

Treat the bathroom as an extension of your living space and give it wooden flooring and accent furniture
Certain materials and finishes are considered more sophisticated than others, copper and marble being two examples
Sometimes too many ornate elements can become tiresome so don’t overdo it
The choice of colors is also important. Black and white, for example, are timeless and always elegant

It’s also possible to focus on having a tech-savvy bathroom. For instance, you could give it underfloor heating, a steam shower, a remote-controlled toilet, touch-controlled faucets and all sorts of other accent features. If an ultra-modern design is not really your style, you can try something a bit more bohemian and opt for things like vintage-inspired fixtures and furniture such as a small ornate table, an accent chair or a chandelier. A lot of high-end bathrooms usually offer some sort of seating such as a tufted ottoman, an armchair, a garden stool or a small sofa. If you’re going for a retro look, use brass or copper instead of chrome.

The lighting should complement the rest of the decor in order to create a cohesive and pleasant look
Add gold or copper accents to the bathroom to enhance its charm and to create focal points
Add drama to the bathroom with an eye-catching mirror
Play with textures, layers and materials to give the room a sophisticated allure
The usual medicine cabinet doesn’t really look high-end or luxurious so look for other storage options
Give the space a cohesive look with matching elements such as this vanity and toilet combo
This tub is definitely eye-catching , featuring such an intriguing form
Similarly, these washbasins stand out with their fluid lines and soft curves

The lighting is also very important in the bathroom, both from an aesthetic and from a practical point of view. Stay away from basic and very common lighting fixtures and try to think outside the box. Perhaps you’d like to have two pendant lamps instead of the usual wall sconces or maybe you could hang a chandelier somewhere if the space allows it. Try to make the design stand out by introducing unexpected elements. This can also refer to the use of certain materials in an unusual way. For example, a wooden tub would definitely impress.

A little bit of wood and marble can really enhance a space such as the bathroom
Look for faucets and other fixtures with finishes that stand out and reflect their sophisticated nature
You can easily change the decor of a bathroom with little things like hardware, fixtures and decorations
Retro accents are often employed when the desire is to create a luxurious and sophisticated decor
Decorate the bathroom with sculptural mirrors that impress through size, form or through other means
Use contrasting textures or layers to make a decor stand out and to give it a polished and refined look

The little things matter a lot so don’t overlook these details. Don’t leave your vanity counter empty. Decorate it with some candles placed in a tray, a book or two, some interesting-looking stones, a terrariums or all sorts of other things. Similarly, don’t neglect the walls. Wall art can really enhance a space. Put up some framed pieces or decorate the walls with wallpaper instead of the usual tiles or paint. These are just a few suggestions meant to help achieve the high-end look at home.

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