How The Fireplace Surround Can Influence Your Home’s Decor And Ambiance

Fireplaces make wonderful focal points in living rooms and not only there but also in bedrooms and even in certain outdoor spaces. The mere idea of a fireplace is enough to make a space feel warm and cozy. Obviously, looks matter too and that’s when the fireplace surround matters the most. This concept can be a big ambiguous so we’re put together some of our favorite designs to exemplify some of the most charming designs we’ve come across so far.

This wood fireplace surround is meant to highlight the elegance and authenticity of the Victorian architecture of this home, the interior of which was remodeled by Susan Burns Design.

The fireplace is a big and important interior design element in this mountain retreat completed by Pearson Design Group. The massive stone wall is not only a great fireplace surround but also a divider between the lounge area and the dining space.

The fireplace doubles as a divider in the case of this single family home from Australia too. However, the fireplace surround in this case is very simple. The firewood storage seamlessly blends into a table/ bench. This interior was designed by Moloney Architects.

Ceiling-mounted fireplaces are great for a variety of reasons, space-efficiency being one of them. They’re usually surrounded by comfortable armchairs, functioning as focal points for the lounge spaces organized around them. That was also the case in this Moscow residence designed by Olga Freiman.

The wood fireplace surround extends upwards and also incorporates the TV, contrasting with the white bookcase modules placed on either side of it. The combination suits this traditional family room really well.

In this beautiful residence from Wyoming designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects we once again witness a fireplace surround which turns this feature into a multifunctional element in the decor of the space. The fireplace doubles as a space divider and in addition to that it also features a comfortable bench seat right next to it.

Metal fireplace surrounds are less common than those made of stone or even wood and that’s one of the reasons why the interior design of this residence created by Stuart Silk Architects in Seattle. The fireplace surround is imposing and eye-catching and at the same time very simple.

Some fireplace surrounds are designed to blend in rather than to stand out. This is one such example. The wood mantle shelf is the only element which contrasts with the white fireplace and furniture set on this living room wall.

This exquisite house designed by Karl Dreer in collaboration with Bembé Dellinger Architects features a wonderfully minimalistic fireplace which doubles as a divider and which can be enjoyed from both sides.

The white fireplace surround in this residence designed by Bower Architecture is simple as well as charming and with a good dose of functionality built into it. Check out the vertical firewood storage niche to the left of the fireplace.

The interior design of this contemporary home from New York features a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. The stone fireplace surround is one of the best examples in this sense.

Another example of how a minimalist fireplace surround can look elegant and imposing can be seen in this interior completed by D’Arcy Jones Design. The fireplace surround highlights the impressive height of the ceiling without overpowering the decor.

If you’re thinking of adding a stone fireplace surround to your interior design you might as well go out. Take this decor as example. This is actually the natural color of the stone and the texture complements it perfectly.

Check out the subtle Mediterranean hints in the interior design of this charming living room. The fireplace surround features these elegant columns which help to frame its design in a very beautiful manner.

It’s often a good idea to coordinate the fireplace surround with other elements in the room such as the area rug, the sofa or some of the artwork displayed on the walls. This way the interior design is cohesive and well-balanced. This interior by Imbue Design is a good example. 

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