The first point or rather question that we will have here is that are you sure that a nose job is what you want and if you are sure, why do you want it? Is it because you are sick and tired of being told that you would look really good if only you improved the shape of your nose or because you feel the need to change it from within you? In most cases, the reasons are likely to be a combination of both and while this may come across as shallow and superficial, it is only the person who is going through the angst of having a nose that is less than desirable will know all about. Before you even spend a lot of time leave alone money on this decision, we suggest that you read about the numerous plastic surgeries of Michael Jackson the secrets behind the king of pop. We are not asking you to do this for gossip but to get a snapshot what this kind of change could have on your life.


One would not be blamed for thinking that a nose job would become easier in the same way 3D printing is reinventing the fashion world, but that is not the case. It is not even like beautiful girls wearing glass and you get to learn how to look prettier with glasses.


Rhinoplasty or a nose job can cost between 3000- 15000 dollars and this depends on the type of surgery, the surgeon’s reputation or expertise, the location of the surgery and other factors. Here we are assuming that you are getting a nose job or rhinoplasty is being done for cosmetic not for health purposes. Because if you are doing to improve your breathing or ease out your nasal passage due to health reasons, then the likelihood of your health insurance plan covering it is more; if not fully at least partially. But if you are doing it only for aesthetic purposes then it is something that you will have to spend out of your pocket.


The thing is a nose job is going to cost you a pretty big amount and you will have to ensure that you go to a good surgeon to get it done in order to get the kind of results you want. That is why before you even start planning on getting a nose job done, we suggest you do some thinking and researching. Once you do, you will get an idea about what to expect in terms of the preparation and the after care and about the complexity of the procedure that you will need to go through. We suggest that at this stage, you start researching surgeons based on the reputation. The more reputed a surgeon, the costlier he or she is likely to be.


But since we are talking about a process that will change the way you look, it is better to go for someone who knows what they are doing. The best way to go about looking for the right surgeon is to talk to many of them. If it is possible, talk to someone who has had a nose job done so that you know what questions to ask. Make it a point to clarify all these points when you talk to your surgeon.


Along with other costs, you may also have to factor in the loss of pay you may have to go through during the actual surgery and during the recovery period as you may have to take off from work

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