How Does a Car Water Pump Work?

The car water pump is a belt driven machine which transfers the water from the radiator to the vehicle’s engine in order to keep it cool. The outside design of engine water pump varies from car to car but the with similar internal parts due to identical function. It is either found at the front or side of the vehicle, behind the fan belt. When it comes appearance, it looks like an octopus, with a disc shape at the center having several arms radiating outward. One of the arms is attached to the radiator while the other one is connected to the vehicle’s engine.

How does it work?

How Does a Car Water Pump Work?

As the powertrain works, the belt of the fan turns, which allows the axle to turn at the center. The axle in the center hollow of the pump is connected to a series of vanes, which turns with the axle. This motion creates a suction and pulls water from the radiator. The water then reaches to the pump and is thrown against the outer pump walls through vanes which are producing force through its body inertia. As the water surrounds the wall, it presses down a drain and sends water to the engine block. From there it goes to the cylinder head and drains back to the radiator to repeat the process. The car water pump function is to provide the coolant to the other engine parts.

Symptoms of failing water pump

  • The leakage in Weep Hole. Every water pump has a thing called weep hole. The internal mechanical seal of the pump seals the shaft in order to protect bearings by not allowing coolant to pass through bearing assembly. When the pump is new, a few seepage from the weep hole is normal because it takes around 10 minutes for a mechanical seal to seat itself properly. The leakage happens due to the contaminated coolant being used. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the cooling system before installing the new pump and use the manufacturer recommended coolant.
  • Engine is Overheating. When the pump fails, it won’t circulate the coolant through the engine block. This leads to overheating of the engine and if not repaired in short notice, it can cause additional damage. In case you find the temperature gauge runs hot frequently, there is some problem with a pump. Get it checked with the mechanic and replace it if needed.
  • The Steaming Radiator. If you see a steam coming out from the front of your vehicle, it is a sign of overheated engine. As said, the engine has a consistent temperature when water pump working fine and circulates water to the other engine parts including the radiator. If you see steam coming out of it, take it to the safe area and consult the mechanic as soon as possible.

When the pump pulley is loose and making unwanted sounds

How Does a Car Water Pump Work?

After a certain time, you will likely to hear the whamming sounds coming from the front of the motor. This is an outcome of a loose belt creating a buzzing sound as the coolant circulates. This happens because of bearings in the pump are wearing out. When the bearings fall into the pump, it cannot be repaired and require complete replacement.

Buy car water pump assembly online

How Does a Car Water Pump Work?

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