At this moment in time, almost everyone owns a microwave oven. This is now a standard kitchen appliance just like the fridge or the stove top. You probably have a microwave too so where do you keep it? It’s very common to keep it on the kitchen counter but we don’t really agree with that since we find a microwave shelf to be much more space-efficient. Of course, there are many different ways to interpret this solution so let’s visualize some of them with examples.

A microwave shelf can be built into the kitchen’s wall-mounted cabinetry. It doesn’t have to be a shelf per se. It can be an open cobby or just a section of a cabinet that doesn’t have a door. Make sure it’s not too high so you can operate the microwave oven comfortably.{found on rockpaperhammer}.

The main reason why we don’t like the idea of keeping the microwave on the kitchen counter is because it takes up valuable space. However, if you can somehow maximize the storage efficiency of that particular patch of counter, things can change and the idea can turn out to be pretty good. This is one way to do it.{found on whittenarchitects}.

A different idea is to keep the microwave inside the kitchen island. This way you can keep the counter clutter-free and you can keep the microwave at a comfortable level for both kids and adults.

You can also install a pocket door to hide the microwave inside the kitchen island when you’re not using it or if you want to conceal it from the kids. This design idea can be especially useful if you’re normally using the microwave while at the island, if you want it to be placed lower so the kids can reach it or if it simply makes sense for your kitchen.{found on thecabinetstudio}.

The microwave shelf can be bigger than the oven so you can also store or display other things on it, like some kitchen utensils, spice jars or even your microwavable popcorn so you can keep it close at hand.{found on laurenrubinarchitecture}.

Sometimes a microwave shelf makes perfect sense in a kitchen, especially if you can incorporate it into a custom-made unit such as this one. As you can see, the storage cabinetry is placed above the refrigerator level and that leaves enough room between them and the counter for a microwave shelf.{found on smithandvansant}.

This is a pretty similar configuration with one major exception: this is a corner microwave shelf and it’s lacking the side panel. That actually makes the kitchen look more open and spacious, even if it’s just a small impression.{found on pamelaleone}.

The microwave shelf is in this case incorporated into a kitchen unit that frames the window and maximizes storage space in a very efficient and ingenious way. Also, the height at which the shelf is placed is very comfortable.

The microwave shelf isn’t the only thing you can hide behind closed doors in your kitchen. Actually, you can even hide the whole kitchen if you want to. It’s an interesting design idea which could work if you have an open kitchen.

When folding doors open, this is how the kitchen looks like. As you can see, there’s plenty of storage space inside all those drawers under the counter and even more inside the wall-mounted cabinets. The microwave shelf hangs nicely in the corner.

That piece of counter space under the microwave is not exactly usable in the real sense of the term but it remains useful in other ways. This is how the kitchen would look like without it.{found on studiotonic}.

Designing your microwave shelf to fit perfectly around this appliance is a bit risky in the sense that it might look neat and nice for a period but when you want to replace the microwave with a new one you’ll be forced either to get one with the exact same dimensions or to modify the shelf and possibly the rest of the furniture that surrounds it.

Not all microwave share the same dimensions and proportions so it’s practical to leave some wiggle room when designing the microwave shelf. A few centimeters are usually enough and sometimes even less can work. However, you should try to think in perspective.{found on pameladailey}.

The microwave shelf can hang just under the wall-mounted cabinetry but that would leave you with a very small space between it and the counter. A more practical option would be to incorporate the microwave into the upper cabinetry and to keep it level with the rest of the modules.

Alternatively, you can put the microwave under the counter. It’s less common but it can work, especially if you don’t plan on incorporating a different appliance in that particular space.

Leaving the microwave shelf open, with no door is practical. However, a door can really help to create a minimalist and uniform decor, especially if the shelf is bigger than the actual microwave and you also use it for storage.{found on hammerandhand}.

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