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This month’s HotTag competition is so simple to enter! One lucky winner will get £100/$150 to spend at LoveCrochet, and there will be two runners up as well! All you have to do is upload a full project or WIP to the LoveCrochet Community using the HotTag “CrochetCrazy.” 

For this competition we want to see all of you become more active in the Community — whether you’re already uploading projects and patterns, or if you’re uploading your first project! Don’t worry if you’ve just started something, uploading a new WIP is a great way to keep track of your progress. In order to win you need to include a title, description, image(s), and the type of yarn (or substitute). One lucky winner will receive a £100/$150 voucher to spend at LoveCrochet, and two runners up will get a wonderful bundle of yarn and accessories!


Playing cats by Little Bear Crochets

crochet cats


One of my favorite parts about the LoveCrochet website is the amazing community that comments on other’s WIPs and finished projects, and uploads their own wonderful makes as well. I love when I get a notification saying that I have a new follower or a comment, or that someone has liked one of my projects.

If you’ve never uploaded before, here is a great video guide explaining step-by-step. You can follow me and I’ll be sure to follow back and check out your projects!

So get ready to upload your projects, but don’t forget, in order to win you must:

  • Upload at least one image
  • Fill out the title and description
  • Use the HotTag “CrochetCrazy”
  • Include the yarn or substitute yarn that you used
  • Include the pattern if you used one

That’s it! Get posting, and good luck!



Cherry topper by Sandra Paul

cherry hat crochet


You can read the rules and full T&Cs are here.


Click here to get started. We can’t wait to see what you upload, and don’t forget to use the HotTag “CrochetCrazy!”



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