Hot Streetwear Brands to Watch in 2018

With streetwear constantly evolving, the race is always on to discover the next best up-and-coming brand. With countless clothing companies being set up every day, it can be hard to stay ahead of the game when it comes the best. We’ve compiled a list of labels which we think will hit it big in the later end of 2018.

Hot Streetwear Brands to Watch in 2018

Noah NYC 

We start off with Noah NYC. Former Supreme creative director, Brendon Babenzien launched his own men’s streetwear brand Noah in 2015. Even though it’s been around for a few years, its designs and concepts have travelled below the radar in terms of worldwide sales, which we think their main buyer base won’t mind. Conceived as an ode to Babenzien’s upbringing as a New York City skater, along with his desire to start an environmentally sustainable and ethical business, the brand fuses streetwear aesthetics with classic menswear elements. Always offering fresh designs, pushing fashion-forward threads and not appealing to the majority of the streetwear youth, Noah is perfect for any guys looking to adopt a new brand this year. With the autumn/winter collection to be announced shortly, now is the perfect time to visit Noah NYC too.

Hot Streetwear Brands to Watch in 2018


A perfect combination of craftmanship and style, O.N.S offers a dissimilar take on streetwear. Based again in New York but with a shop open in Tokyo, the company is slowly going international, adding to their success story. What sets this brand apart is the incorporation of menswear and business attire into streetwear pieces, unlike brands such as LV or River Island who have been accused of being “Culture Vultures” when it comes to trend in streetwear. Appealing fabrics, detailing and a diverse ability for outfit combinations, O.N.S. is definitely on our ones-to-watch list. Great for the everyday gent looking to get into streetwear.

Hot Streetwear Brands to Watch in 2018

Dr Banana 

Not only one of the best names in fashion, Dr Banana is a fashion label based around UK skate culture with roots deeply embedded in the legend of Southbank. Daring, colourful and audacious in design, Dr B really stands out from its rivals. Most skater brands dare venture out past a laid-back vibe when it comes to clothing as it’s a guaranteed safe option which has saturated the market. Limited collections released in short, selective runs, Dr B is starting to stir up excitement, attracting Hypebeasts wanting to get ahead of the game. Although it’s not for everyone, this brand is waiting to explode onto the streetwear scene. If they can secure a big-name collaboration within the next 6 months, the sky is the limit for Dr Banana.

Hot Streetwear Brands to Watch in 2018

Stationary Denim  

From creating limited, raw denim pieces to completely filling out your wardrobe within a matter of years, Stationary Denim is firmly on the rise. Raised in the Bronx, this once small start-up is starting to make waves amongst the big boys of denim and offers a real alternative from the everyday high-street brand. Based around darker aesthetics, their items make the perfect pick up for an autumn/winter outfit, coupled with small statement tees and a plethora of hoodies, all of a sound build quality and at very competitive price. Stationary Denim pieces are soon to become classics. Be advised, DO NOT give these items to your other half or significant other as they will never return.

Hot Streetwear Brands to Watch in 2018


Based in Denver, Colorado, founded by brothers Patrick and Mike Liberty. Akomplice is a world leader when it comes to sustainable clothing and innovative streetwear design. We love the way their manufacture of clothing is all about helping the environment, from the sourcing of materials, to reduced pollution efforts and a real pressing urgency about how the fashion industry as a whole needs to take responsibility and change their ways. Akomplice is all about the visuals, from raw designs to cultured and crafted pieces (the brand has it all). Solid colouring and tonal jackets are standout creations, with woollen knits, elements of techwear and coloured tees; this is your next go-to clothing label. We’re anticipating some recognition from some real big names later this year. Paving the way for modern clothing developments whilst addressing environmental issues, Akomplice are already 2 steps ahead of the game.

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