Honey hair color

Honey hair color – one of the most beautiful shades of red color. Today, it is preferred to create a girl.

He looks seductive and is suitable for all owners of brown eyes, dark, olive or fair skin. Honey hair color, and many other colors, has many shades, which we now discuss. It is believed that Golden-honey hair color is perfect for women with the spring color type. However, Golden curls, a kind of standard of female style. Honey-colored hair all beautiful in their own way. Juicy honey hair color today, you can get through a variety of means for coloring.

Медовый цвет волос

Stylists warn that choosing a honey shade of hair, it is important to care for post hair care. In particular, it is important to use the tinted balms, in order to permanently preserve a bright shade. However, in the summer care must be more active, because at this time of year, the hair fade and lose their natural Shine due to dryness. To prevent this, stylists note that it is important to moisturize the hair and perform procedures to improve the health of the hair.

Медовый цвет волос

Shades of honey-colored hair

All honey-colored hair, are warm and evoke positive associations. Let’s discuss the most popular honey-colored hair who choose women around the world this year.

Honey blonde

Nice, bright, shiny blonde with a touch of honey looks so seductive that almost any man before him will not stand. This year honey-colored hair on the top of popularity. Honey blonde is a light hair colour with Golden notes. It looks very organic paired with blue, brown and even grey eyes, dark or light skin. This is a vivid and memorable summer shade of hair.

Медовый цвет волос

Honey caramel

Honey Caramel hair color Can be attributed to major trends this year. Stylists talking about the fact that these are two rich shades that really complement each other. Honey caramel hair color with warm hints of red, this rich shade of hair, which is great for owners of brown and green eyes.

Медовый цвет волос

Golden honey hair color

Golden honey hair color has a beautiful gold notes. This is a shade that harmonises equally well as hazel and blue eyes. The effect of sun-bleached hair gives it a Golden-honey color, it looks very natural!

Медовый цвет волос

Honey brown hair color

Honey blonde hair color different dark pigment. It is rather light brown hair color with Golden shimmer. This shade goes well with fair skin and gray or blue eyes.

Honey chestnut hair color

Chestnut hair color with honey shade is a rich chocolate color that appeals to many women. This color hair is very popular this season, due to the fact that forms a natural complexion.
Медовый цвет волос

Honey-ginger hair color

Honey ginger hair color – a rich red shade with a Golden sheen. A good option for those who have decided to make its image more vivid and memorable! That’s the color will blend perfectly paired with green or blue eyes and light skin. However, really bright image can be obtained only by experiment!

Медовый цвет волос

Honey color hair: paint

It should be remembered that honey hair color looks very natural. This is a true Golden color that perfectly looks in any interpretation. We picked the most popular hair dye with a touch of honey.

    Paint L’oreal Paris CASTING CRÈME GLOSS CREAM gloss – COLOR 743 SPICY HONEY Paint Estel Golden-brown (honey caramel) Paint Estel Golden-brown (sand dune) Paint Estel blond beige (honey nectar) Paint L’oreal Paris PRODIGY – COLOUR 6.45 AMBER Dye L’oreal Paris PRÉFÉRENCE – COLOR 8.32 BERLIN LIGHT BLONDE GOLDEN PEARL Paint L’oreal Paris EXCELLENCE COLOR 5.32 LIGHT GOLDEN BROWN

Медовый цвет волос

How to get honey hair color with natural hair dyes?
Many women prefer to dye your hair by natural means. And we fully support this approach. However, it is important to remember that natural hair dyes have not prolonged exposure, meaning that the color quickly washed away and looks dull. Come to help simple beauty recipes that are available at any time. It is primarily hair coloring using henna. And another note on turmeric, which gives the hair not only seductive honey color, but a beautiful Shine!

Медовый цвет волос

Honey hair color gives the image of tenderness and sunshine. If you decide to create this shade on your hair, seek help of an experienced colorist!

Медовый цвет волос