small Scandinavian apartment interior

small Scandinavian apartment interior

Today’s home tour is a small Scandinavian studio apartment measuring approx 430 sf ft (40 sq m).  Like most studios, this home has just three rooms – a kitchen, a bathroom and a living area which is also the bedroom.  Despite being small in size, this apartment is so big on style.

I wanted to share this apartment with you because I know that some of us live small but don’t want to compromise on style.  And this apartment shows us that you really don’t have to.  After all the size of a home doesn’t matter; what matters is how you use the space you have.

Scandinavian style studio apartment

small Scandinavian home tour

small Scandinavian studio apartment

The space already has beautiful features like tall ceilings, large recessed windows and wall mouldings.  This combined with the warm minimal decor makes this apartment a stunner.   Using a pale, neutral colour scheme in this small living room/bedroom area makes the space appear larger and brighter.  The soft, light colour scheme is contrasted with hints of black which really bring this room together.  There is plenty of warmth through all the different wood tones, brass touches and textures.

I love how they have even added in a desk area in this tiny living room without making it look busy or cluttered in any way.  The secret to living in such a small space starts with getting rid of any and all clutter.  After that it’s a matter of having a home for everything you own.  While there isn’t much storage in this room (I’m wondering if there are some boxes under the bed maybe?), there are plenty of tall cupboards in the kitchen which is also the entryway to the apartment.  Having said that, size doesn’t matter that much – you can easily have a large apartment with lots of storage and it can still be cluttered.  What matters is being disciplined about not letting clutter build up and only having what you need and use.

There are lots of decor touches in this room which all contribute to the style and cohesiveness of this space.  In this small space there are four feature lights, all of which have been chosen very cleverly for aesthetics as well as practicality.  You also have a mix of modern with a few vintage touches thrown in for contrast.  The recessed wall shelves make a lovely feature as does the gallery wall.

small Scandi house interior

white kitchen with marble

small Scandinavian studio apartment entryway

Aside from a small bathroom, the kitchen is the other main room.  You enter the apartment through the kitchen.  There is a recessed coat closet just before the kitchen cabinets starts.  This small room also has a little dining area for two.  The kitchen is all white which is the perfect colour for a small space.  Much like the living/bedroom, they have maximised the space in this room without cluttering it in anyway.  I mean this one room is an entryway, a kitchen and a dining room. While the living area is a living room, bedroom and study.  It truly shows that no matter how small your home, you can make it super functional and super stylish.

This small Scandinavian studio apartment has all the hallmarks of Scandinavian decor.  You’ve got lots of feature lighting, lots of textures, a range of wood tones, lots of natural light and more.  For the Scandi’s, the size of a home is never an excuse not to make it beautiful.  Even though this space is minimal, it has plenty of warmth and cosiness and is so inviting, don’t you think?

All photos via Fantastik Frank

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