grey shaker kitchen diner

grey shaker kitchen diner

There is so much to love about this gorgeous grey Scandinavian home but the room that first wowed me was the kitchen.  I love the simple yet striking decor and how spacious and bright it is with plenty of room to have some great social gatherings.  I can just imagine gathering around that dining table and spending hours with lots of food, fun and laughter.

This stylish Swedish apartment looks bigger than it is.  That’s partly because the living areas are on the larger side but also because they’ve left lots of empty floor space which always makes a room appear larger.  The entire apartment is not actually that big measuring around 1000 sq ft (approx 100 sq m).  It’s the way the space has been used that makes it appear so spacious.

grey Scandinavian style kitchen

Scandi style kitchen

Back to the beautiful kitchen.  The dark grey shaker style cabinets pair beautifully with the simple white tiles finished with black grout.  The white marble countertops add a subtle pattern which all works so well with the natural wooden floor.  I love how the tall cabinets have been kept against one wall only. Many of us might have been tempted to add more cabinets and even some below the windows but it’s the fact that there is so much open space that makes this kitchen so special.

The dining table in the centre with the mismatched chairs looks great and then there is the lighting in the kitchen which is another beautiful feature.  Finally for added texture, the jute rug finishes the look perfectly.  I love the idea of having a rug under a dining table but I think with my kids it’s a bit too risky!

open plan living room Scandinavian

Scandinavian home decor

grey and white Scandi living room

open plan Scandinavian apartment

The living room is a lovely open space too with plenty of texture including a shaggy rug, rattan, linen, wool and more.  And of course there is some beautiful feature lighting which is something you always see in Scandinavian homes.  I love the contrast of the modern furniture against the stunning old tiled fireplace, the decorative wall mouldings and ceiling roses.  Once again, they haven’t been tempted to fill up the space with furniture and other stuff which is what makes this room look so spacious.

grey bedroom Scandinavian

Scandinavian bedroom with mirrors

cozy grey bedroom scandinavian

Scandinavian kids bedroom grey

There are two bedrooms in this grey Scandinavian home – one the main bedroom and the second a kids bedroom. Both rooms are decorated in grey with the master bedroom in a darker grey and the kids room in a softer, paler grey.  Decorating with dark colours in a bedroom can work really well as it makes the room feel really cosy especially in colder climates.  I like the grey theme throughout the home which brings the whole home together as one cohesive space.

The main bedroom is simply decorated and looks so inviting.  The contrast of the grey walls with the dusty pink bedding works really well.  The built in grey shaker style wardrobes look minimal yet provide a lot of storage.  There is of course striking lighting in this room too – I love the round wooden hook bedside lights –  and the clever use of mirrors maximises the natural light from the one small window.  The kids room is cozy and cute with lots of different shades of grey.

While I’m loving the whole apartment, it’s the grey kitchen and the open plan living/kitchen/dining space that has the wow factor for me.  The feature lighting, the spacious feel and the simple decor all look stunning.  What’s your favourite part of this Scandi home?

Photos via Entrance Makleri

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