olive green living room

olive green living room

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Scandinavian homes combine colours in the most calming ways.  You won’t see bright colours in Scandi homes but if you love interesting neutral tones then today’s home tour is for you.  This home is oozing cosy warmth in olive green, grey and beige tones.

This is a small home measuring around 650 sq ft / 60 sqm but it’s full of inspiration and ideas to steal no matter what size your own home is.  The first thing that drew me to this home is the olive green living room.  It’s such a calming colour for a living room especially for those of us who like neutral tones with a hint of colour.  I love how the green backdrop makes all the white trims and furnishings really pop.

This small living room is full of beautiful little details that really make the space very inviting.  The comfy crushed linen couch and all the linen cushions combined with the shaggy textured rug come together so well. Then there’s a glass coffee table to add some contrast to all the softer fabrics.  Lighting is another interesting thing about this living room – both the ceiling light and floor lamp are not only functional but make beautiful features too.

warm green Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian living room color idea

olive green living room Scandinavian


A few other details that I loved is the addition of plants and branches and the simple, pared back gallery wall.  My personal preference is a gallery wall with 2-3 pictures at most as I’m not a fan of those walls that cover every inch of space.  I also love how they have one piece of art leaning on the floor.  It’s little touches like this that make the room as stunning as it is.

small Scandinavian kitchen layout

small white Scandinavian kitchen

The kitchen is small, simple and bright.  They’ve maximised the storage for this small space but by using white and glass and keeping most of the storage on one wall, the space doesn’t feel cramped.  The large windows with sheer coverings add a lot of light and the minimal white extractor is perfect for this small space.  The dark wood table and black chairs create a nice contrast against all the white.  Lastly, they haven’t continued with the olive green walls in the kitchen even though the space is open plan.  The white totally works in the kitchen whereas the olive green would have made the space look too busy.

warm beige Scandinavian bedroom

Scandinavian bedroom decor ideas

beige Scandinavian bedroom

There is so much to love about this bedroom.  Firstly the warm beige coloured walls are not only beautiful but so calming for a bedroom.  The colour also works really well with the olive green which is used in both the living room and entryway.

Once again there are lots of contrasting textures in this room as well as different shades of wood.  The shiny fabric pendant light provides a subtle but clever contrast to all the more matte fabrics in the room.  Using neutral coloured textures in different finishes is such an important part of making a room come together and this room as well as the whole home is a great example.

The Scandi’s are great at making the most of a space without making it cluttered. In this one bedroom apartment they’ve used a corner of the room to create a little home office which is both practical and doesn’t take away from the bedroom.  This isn’t a large bedroom so it really shows what’s possible even if space is limited.  The secret to this is staying clutter-free and only having things you use and love.

warm green Scandinavian home

olive green entryway

Scandinavian home decor ideas

These pictures of the entryway show how well the beige bedroom works with the olive green.

white bathroom with beige floor

Lastly I wanted to include a picture of the bathroom because even though this is a simple white tiled bathroom, it has so much warmth and style thanks to (you guessed it!) all the texture.  The fabric shower curtain, the waffle towels and the jute rug all add warmth especially against all the cold white tiles.  No matter how boring a bathroom you have, adding some texture will transform it.  I also like the contrast of the beige flooring against the white tiles.

While there is so much to love about this small Scandinavian home, it’s the colours that are the standout for me.  The olive green living room together with the beige and greys make this space come together in such a warm and inviting way.  What’s your favourite part of this home?

All images via Alvhem.

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