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my dog lucy and i do just about everything together and there isn’t a room in my house that’s off limits to her. and while i think she is pretty darn adorable, i do not want my home smelling like her — especially in these winter months when that rascal tends to get damp and muddy! because of this, i have to clean often and quite thoroughly. recently though, i discovered a great way to breathe a bit easier between those deep-cleanings using aera’s hypoallergenic home scenting system, and i’m so excited to be partnering with them to share my experience with you.

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aera offers eight different fragrances to choose from, my current favorite being curiosity and once the device is plugged in, their unique technology allows you to control your home’s scent from your smartphone. using the AeraforHome app, you can monitor your home’s scent, control how strong or subtle it is, and even schedule when you want the fragrance to dispense, so you’re not wasting any while you’re away. and, if you’d like to try it for yourselves, aera is happy to offer a reader discount code — just enter promo code LUCY20 at checkout for 20% off your order on aera through 11/22/17. (Limited to one use per customer and cannot be combined with any other discounts).

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that’s what i like most about aera, it’s always ready. there’s nothing you need to add, like water or essential oils, and no messy cleanup, like there is with a diffuser. and unlike plug-in air fresheners that you can only really smell when you’re near the outlet, aera offers wide reaching coverage that can scent a room up to 2,000 square feet and each capsule will maintain its scent quality for up to 60 days of continuous use. and the capsules are mixed-use recyclable, simplifying your recycling process with mixed-use dumpsters which is great since it encourages ease of participation from consumers.

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don’t get me wrong, i love scented candles, but i’ve definitely felt the panic of forgetting to blow one out or worried about lucy tipping one over when i’m not in the room. aera takes all that unnecessary worry out of fragrancing your home with their easy to use, hands-off approach. it’s basically the set-it-and-forget-it of air fresheners and a real breathe of fresh air!

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