A home library is not exactly a common feature but let’s not take things so literally. Don’t necessarily think of the home library as a separate room dedicated entirely to books and reading. This can simply be a corner in one of the rooms, furnished with a wall-mounted bookcase and a comfortable armchair. In a way, it’s entirely possible for a small and cozy reading nook to take on the role of a home library or even for a chair with built-in book storage to be in a similar situation. But let’s talk specifics. What kind of bookcase would you choose for your home library?

Diversity is good in the design of a bookcase as books come in lots of different shapes and sizes. A design like this one is both practical and interesting from an aesthetic point of view.

As your book collection grows, so does your bookcase. You can start with a small piece and then add more units over time.

Asymmetric or geometric patterns are very popular on a lot of modern and contemporary bookcases.

Simple designs like this one have their own charm. The interesting thing in this case is the low height of the bookcase compared to the ceiling.

A lot of wall units for living rooms have built-in bookshelves. These can be used in a lot of ways, often for the display of collectibles or ornaments.

This modular bookcase doubles as a space divider. It has long and narrow modules placed at different angles and with different sizes.

This is a hexagon-shaped bookcase and its unusual shape alone would be enough to make it stand out. In addition to that, the bookcase is made up of three sections each organized as a nice module grid.They have different colors and they’re actually pretty versatile even as individual pieces.

If you like well-balanced designs and combinations of contrasting forms and finishes, check out this modern bookcase. It has both open and closed modules of various different shapes and sizes.

An industrial bookcase can be something you might consider for a contemporary house or a modern-industrial decor. They’re usually made of metal and often feature pipes.

We like the dividers on this bookcase. They keep the books from falling and they emphasize the organized, geometric nature of the design.

In a space with a high ceiling, you could put a tall and narrow bookcase and you can accessorize it with a ladder so you can

The depth difference between the shelves is an interesting design twist for this rather simple-looking bookcase.

Open shelves mounted on the wall are space-efficient and great for small spaces. At the same time, they can look eye-catching and very interesting, like these ones for instance.

If you’re serious about your book collection and you want to display it in its full glory then you’ll need a bookcase that can hold all the books and all the other ones yet to come.

Custom-built wall units like this one let you squeeze a few books between the other storage modules, creating a diversified and dynamic look.

There are no vertical dividers on these bookshelves. The spaces are separated by rings which double as bookends.

A bookcase filled only with books can look a bit boring so break the monotony with some vases, ornaments, boxes and other things you want to put on display.

If you want something different, something that adapts to your decor and your style, try a modular bookcase made of modules which you can rearrange as you please.

Some bookcases can either be placed against a wall or used as freestanding units which double as room dividers. In that case they can be accessed from both sides.

To make a large wall bookcase look less boring and simple, have the books stacked and displayed in various different ways and at different angles. Of course, this bookcase is interesting on its own thanks to the wavy pattern.

A glass bookcase or a shelving unit that features this material in its design has the advantage of looking lightweight and also of being versatile and able to blend in more easily.

Add some accent lighting to your bookcase to highlight the shelves and to emphasize your favorite books or as a way to give the whole unit a more interesting and eye-catching look.

Now that’s an add little bookcase. It’s tall and narrow, like a tower and it has glass shelves but none of these things are as interesting as the fact that it’s balanced on a single leg at the center.

Cubes are the theme of this bookcase’s design. They support and connect the shelves and they also give the unit a playful and fun look.

Isn’t this bookcase perfect for a modern living room or office? It has a sleek frame with metal accents and a combination of open shelves and closed modules.

This is an interesting bookshelf tower which is attached to the floor and the ceiling and features shelves arranged around a central metal rod. It’s a nice option for corners and it can also serve as a visual divider between two spaces.

This is a design that offers a new perspective on glass shelves. This time the glass shelves are actually the vertical panels that hold the metal pieces. The actual shelves are placed at angles and appear to be floating.

It’s really fun to work with modular furniture. Take these bookshelves for example. They have this funky arrow shape and they can be combined in lots and lots of different ways to create various interesting configurations. You can add more as your collection of books grows.

The sinuous lines and gentle curves of this shelving unit/ room divider soften the straight lines of the shelves and help establish an inviting appearance for the space.

A small design detail like the fact that these shelves have wavy edges have a big impact on the overall appearance of the unit. Suddenly, it looks unique and different instead of simple and common.

Here’s a bookcase design that’s visually light and both practical and stylish. It features modules of different forms and sizes and the actual structure of the unit creates this beautiful interplay of light and shadow.

Who said books have to stand up right or to be stacked horizontally? A much cooler option is to have them placed obliquely or at an angle. It’s what this bookcase encourages anyway.

Some designs are just too odd or unusual to be placed in a distinct category or style. Take this bookcase for example. How would you describe it? It doesn’t really look like anything else we’ve seen.

A touch of color here and there can really change the look and the dynamic of a decor. This is a modern unit with a really well-balanced design from a chromatic and material palette point of view.

What at first seems to be just another repetitive geometric pattern turns out to be a bit more complex than that. The lines suddenly go off-course to form new and unexpected forms.

While the open shelves on this bookcase reveal the wall behind the unit, some of the sections have back panels colored in a dark shade of red and these ones let you play with the difference in background to highlight certain items.

The graphical nature of this piece is the detail that allows it to double as an ornamental item in the room’s interior design.

Add a few potted plants on your bookshelves to add some color to the wall and to also create a visually alluring decor. The plants can cascade down or you can train them to climb on the shelves.

Isn’t it a bit odd that you have all these closed modules at the center of the unit while all the open shelves are clustered around them, as if they’re meant to frame them?

These seem to be quite a few variations of these wavy bookshelves. Some configurations feature individual modules stacked and arranged in various forms while others are full wall units inspired by this design trend.

If you get bored easily with your furniture arrangements, perhaps you’ d enjoy a modular bookcase made up of individual box-like pieces which you can stack and combine as you please.

An entire wall of bookshelves, now that’s a commitment. Such a unit is that much more impressive when you have a high ceiling. This is a perfect display of the idea we had in mind.

Here’s a fun design idea: a bookcase with open modules and back panels of different colors. An alternative can be to decorate the back of the shelves with wallpaper or to paint the wall in different colors.

How fun and versatile is this bookcase? It has all these different modules which can be used individually or put together to create custom pieces. You can clearly see the points where they’re attached to each other and that’s part of their charm.

Glass shelves offer visual lightness and also help maintain an open and airy decor throughout. They looked great here, paired with this sleek bookcase frame.

Rustic-industrial or shabby-chic furniture is not for everyone. It requires a specific type of decor to look nice but when that happens the impact is a very special one.

It looks as if these shelves are held up straight but two giant compasses and that seems to be the source of inspiration for the design. Wouldn’t this shelving unit look perfect in an architect’s office?

There are a lot of design options when it comes to bookcases and shelving units. You can start with a small unit and add more if needed or if the room is big. You can even alternate two or more designs.

The bookshelves and the armchairs complement each other. While one features straight lines and sharp angles, the other is defined by smooth curves and edges.

Have your home library custom-designed. It can include features like a built-in fireplace, special display areas for prized books and anything else you want.

There’s no need for a separate room just for your books. Your living room can also be your home library and your books can share space with the TV.

You don’t need lots of books when you can cover the walls with library-themed wallpaper. Of course, that would leave you with a fake home library. The idea is actually pretty fun and quirky and you can use it in a lot of interesting ways.

Another quirky idea which is also very practical is to have a chair built into the bookcase. Actually, it would have to be a chair that you can slide in and out of the unit and that would perfectly match the contour.

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