Medium length hair allows you to create a variety of hairstyles.

To simulate hairstyles at home – an incredibly exciting process. Today, stylists are offering us a lot of original solutions for home hairstyles, we decided to discuss the most striking of them!

Be different: tail

Домашние прически для средних волос 2020In the new season, taking lessons to create fashionable tails, and they do a lot!

The tail is one of the easiest hairstyles that you can create at home.

But the hair turned out bright, use your imagination at full power.

For example, you can create a charming ponytail with the bow hair. How to create hair tail with bow?

1. Gather your hair in a classic ponytail.

2. Using a thin elastic bands divide the tail into two parts: upper and lower.

3. Take a thin rubber band and put it on the top strands, and then bend the strand of hair in half, and secure with a rubber band, leaving the tip of the hair. Divide the bunch of hair, which happened with us after you have collected the hair in half, and divide it into two parts.

A tip of the hair guide in the middle of the beam, dividing it into two parts, hide the strand of hair under the rubber band.

4. Fix the hairdo with hairspray.

Thus, we get a tail on top of which is the bow hair. Original and very simple hairstyle that can be created in just a few minutes!

This year, a huge popular high ponytails. Please remember that the scrunchie is important to hide your own hair strands to the character to be more harmonious!

Weave and braids

Домашние прически для средних волос 2020There is nothing easier, than to collect and original hairstyle with a scythe. If you have medium length hair, note the cascading braids that today it is fashionable to create flowing hair.

Of course, in most cases, hair home implies comfort, and many girls do not like to go home with flowing hair.

In this case, you will approach the tail «the dragon», the main advantage of which is the amount of hair!

How to create?

1. Carefully comb the hair and take a small strand at the base of the bangs.

2. Divide it into three equal parts and start braiding the spike, gradually weaving all the side strands.

3. When the hair is completely twisted, secure the tip of the braid with a thin elastic band and hide it inside the hair.

4. Strands of hair tighten your fingers to make the styling more voluminous.

5. Fix the hairdo with hairspray.

At will this hairstyle you can add a ribbon woven into the braid. In this case, the edge of the tape should be attached to the middle sections of hair, it can be done tying the ribbon on the node.

Home bundles

Home hairstyles for medium hair are the original beams. Yes, you know that the hair bundle is one of the easiest and most convenient of its kind.

To hairstyle looked more enticing, give it a sloppy notes. To do this, before you gather your hair in a bun, necesita cony hair.

If you want to create more than the original styling with the beam, we offer you to experiment with braids.

Hair beam with a scythe, how to create?

1. Comb the hair and tilt the head forward.

2. Take a small strand of hair at the base of the nape and divide it into three parts.

3. Start Braiding like French braids, attaching the side sections of hair and weaving them into the hair.

4. When the pigtail is braided to the level of the top of the head and secure it with scrunchie in a ponytail.

5. Then wrap the strand around the base of the tail and shape the beam of the hair.
Our hair is ready, you can fix it with hairspray as well as decorating accessories!

Updo in 5 minutes

Домашние прически для средних волос 2020The most simple and original hairstyle that can be captured in 5 minutes is laying «shell».

To create it you’ll need elastic hair band, studs and a strong nail fixation. How to create styling?

1. Gather hair in a ponytail in the middle of the head.

2. Secure with a hair elastic, and then slide it a little to himself.

3. Make a small indentation with your fingers in my hair and hide there tail tip.

4. The resulting shell is important to consolidate the entire length of the hair pins.

5. Our hair is ready, fix with hairspray!

This is a classic Hairstyle that doesn’t require additional accessories but you can add, for example, original wraps with bows! Today is a very popular wraps and headbands in various sizes and with various finishing.

By the way, paired with a bezel-rubber band for hair, you can create a Greek hairstyle. All you need to do is to wear the headband on top of hair, and then fill in the hair and fix the hair with pins and hairspray. Optionally, you can leave a few strands drop down.

Fashion tip: wear a classic hairstyle with a trendy accessory this season, so your image will never look very simple.