Roundup of some pretty storage baskets.I’m starting a major decluttering phase in my house right now and I don’t have the best built-in storage in my house, so I’m finding that baskets are my best friends. Each one of my girl’s will have a storage basket in our living room where they can put their special toys, instruments, games and books. But I want the baskets to look good from the outside, too! I’ve put together a roundup of some of my favorites, from modern wire baskets to pretty seagrass. Hope you like this list of storage baskets. Click on the links below for each basket. Now back to my decluttering… –Melissa

  1. Silver Dot Hamper  /  2. Wire Basket  /  3. Seagrass Hamper  /  4. Seagrass Basket  /  5. Milk Crate Wire Basket   /  6. Metal Basket Set  /  7. Parkay Hamper

A few more favorites: Mulhouse Basket and this stunner from Target and our roundup of our favorite DIY Home Storage Ideas!

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