Villa degli Affreschi was built in 1741. Then, in 2013, it was completely renovated. Now the villa features a mixture of historic elegance and modern luxury, being defined by a constant balance of styles. On one hand, it has classic columns, frescoed ceilings and its rooms are furnished with antiques but on the other hand the rooms also have wi-fi, minibars and other modern features.

This historic villa blends comfort and luxury with extraordinary views of the sea and the coast
Although recently renovated, the villa still features a lot of the original features such as the tiled floors or frescoed ceilings
Since it has such a beautiful location with great views, the building features huge terraces

The villa has eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms and it can accommodate up to 16 people at a time. Those interested can rent it for defined periods of time and at times individual rooms can be booked as well. One of the most wonderful things about the villas, besides its unique combination of old and new, is the proximity to the beach and the magnificent views of the Adriatic sea and the coast.

The guests can take a stroll down to the beach or they can relax in the private swimming pool
Large terraces offer views of the sea and welcome the guests to relax under their umbrellas
The overall design and architecture of the villa invites everyone to spend time outdoors and to enjoy the surroundings
Large columns, paintings on the walls and exposed beams set a rustic ambiance complemented by modern details

You can find this spectacular villa Positano, on the Amalfi Coast. It stands a 15 minute walk away from the beach and it offers its guests luxurious amenities and decors. The building itself has a surface of 500 square meters with huge terraces that in total cover an area of 350 square meters. The property also incorporates 100 square meters of garden which the guests can explore in a serene and tranquil environment.

The rooms are designed to be unique, with individual themes in each case
The lighting fixtures, the patterned tiled floors and the antique furniture immerse the guests into a wonderful world
A lot of attention was given to the historic elements, in particular the painted ceilings and the framed artwork
Each room is different, with its own theme, decor and color palette but they all share in common the luxury and beauty

The suites of the villa are each decorated in a unique way, being individually-themes. In each case the palette of colors, materials and textures differs slightly although the overall style is a Mediterranean one defined by browns, blues and neutrals. A particularly interesting and memorable detail is  the fact that some rooms have frescoed ceilings which seta dramatic and sumptuous ambiance.

The common areas of the villa feature the same wonderful and mesmerizing design characteristics
The social spaces and the dining areas are welcoming, warm and elegant, with a very cozy ambiance
The overall style is MEditerranean, with a focus on colors such as blue, white, beige and earthy tones of brown
A huge garden lets the guests explore the green surroundings and admire their peaceful nature

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