Condo Reno

Libby Kirwin worked with an investor on the Carey School condo renovation that gave new purpose to a historic elementary school in the heart of Newport, Rhode Island.  The school operated for 118 years before closing in 2009.

The redesign’s thirteen condos reflect the historic character of downtown Newport.  They include numerous elements of architectural interest, including hardwood floors, exposed wooden and metal beams, and exposed brick that add charming character to the space.

Brick another angle

Kirwin’s staged condo has a casual style.  She uses a variety of patterns in rugs and pillows around the space to accent neutral couches and beds.  One of the bedrooms, for example, has blue and orange pops of color in artwork and orange and white, coral printed foot stools.

Newport’s beachy vibe is found in touches throughout the space like a decorative starfish and sailboat sitting on shelves in the living room.  The bathroom has a photograph hanging on the wall of sand and sea. [Photography courtesy of Libby Kirwin and information courtesy of Rhode Island Small Business Journal]


Exposed beams

Comfy couches


Exposed brick

Beach photo




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